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5 Ways to Get Organized and Buy Back Time

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When people talk about what money can’t buy you there is always a big debate. Some people think money can buy you happiness, whereas others will tell you this is not true. The reason this is so debatable is because nobody really agrees, but something people do agree on is that you can’t buy time. They tell you not to waste time because you will never get it back. Once you’ve gone to sleep that is another day of your life assigned to the record books.

What nobody tells you is that time can be bought, but it involves not wasting any in the first place. If you become a more organized person you can sometimes save hours per day and those free hours can be spent doing things you love. So you can buy time, but first you just need to become a lot more organized than you are at the moment. It’s not easy because we’re used to wasting lots of time every day, so look at these techniques that can help you buy some time back.

Some digital help


You might think you can remember everything, but you definitely can’t. That is why you can get an app for your phone that will remind you of the things you will most likely forget. You always need to do things whenever you have the chance because it gets them out of the way. If you forget to do something during the day while it’s quiet you might suddenly remember about it just before you’re about to finish work. That means staying late and missing dinner, so get yourself a reminder app so it doesn’t happen.

Use a to-do-list

In the morning while drinking some coffee you can write down the things you want to accomplish that day. When writing them down make sure you start with the most important because that is the task you’ll feel happiest about completing. Then as the day progresses you can tick each job off until your list is complete. It could then be time to go home, or you could start work on something early that you were keeping until the end of the week.

Tidy up after yourself


Have you ever tried to find something in a messy home or office? You could spend 20 minutes looking for it even though it would be right in front of your nose if you just tidied up after yourself. Every day you should always make sure everything is neat and tidy because once things start piling up it causes carnage. One thing to watch for is mail and if you want to get rid of it effectively you should shred it as soon as it comes through the door, unless it’s very important.

Have your free time

Start spending more time doing something you love because you don’t always want to be getting stressed out. It’s so hard to stay organized when you can’t think straight. If you don’t have any hobbies you want to do more of then just find a way to relax. That could be by going for a massage, taking a warm bath, or even going for a long walk. Just give your head an hour each day to recharge its batteries.

A special place for everything

Everything that is important to you should be in its own special place. This has nothing to do with being tidy, because even if your drawer was a mess you would still know your passport was inside if that was your special place for it. If you don’t have a special place to keep your most important stuff it can not only get lost, but you might never find it again. You can use what you like whether it’s a safe in your closet or a shoebox under your bed.

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