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DIY Office iPhone Volume Booster

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There might be a crazy amount of different ways to get that extra boost of volume from your iPhone, we thought this one was simple and effective.


  • Toilet Paper roll
  • Push Pins
  • X-acto Knife
  • Phone
  • Decorative Paper (optional)
DIY iPhone Speaker supplies
Trace around your phone for the cutout

DIY iPhone Speaker Step 1

Using your X-acto knife, cut a hole in the toilet paper roll to fit your phone

DIY iPhone Speaker Step 2

Remove the excess cardboard

DIY iPhone Speaker Step 3

Make sure your phone fits!

DIY iPhone Speaker Step 4

Now this is the fun part. You can decorate it however you want. Leave it in its natural state or add some colorful paper or maybe even some Washi tape.

DIY iPhone Speaker Step 5

Since the phone is pretty heavy for a lightweight toilet paper roll, it needs some support. Use the push pins to create a stand in the back.

DIY iPhone Speaker Step 6

Here is the final product. We tested it and while its not professional grade, it does make a difference!

DIY iPhone Speaker Step 7

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February 4th 2014 |

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