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5 Ways to Get Organized and Buy Back Time

2013 March 11 by

When people talk about what money can’t buy you there is always a big debate. Some people think money can buy you happiness, whereas others will tell you this is not true. The reason this is so debatable is because nobody really agrees, but something people do agree on is that you can’t buy time. They tell you not to waste time because you will never get it back. Once you’ve gone to sleep that is another day of your life assigned to the record books.

What nobody tells you is that time can be bought, but it involves not wasting any in the first place. If you become a more organized person you can sometimes save hours per day and those free hours can be spent doing things you love. So you can buy time, but first you just need to become a lot more organized than you are at the moment. It’s not easy because we’re used to wasting lots of time every day, so look at these techniques that can help you buy some time back.

Some digital help


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Why Buy American Made Products…the Top 10 Reasons

2012 October 2 by

You may think twice about buying foreign products after reading the top 10 reasons why you should buy American made products.

1. Creates Jobs

Each manufacturing job creates approximately 5 additional jobs such as positions in accounting, technical support, sales, and marketing.

2. Helps keep the American Economy Growing

Profit earned from orders shipped abroad are rarely advantageous to our economy. Buying American-made products recycles our dollars back into our economy.

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12 Items to Keep You Entertained at Work

2012 May 18 by

Let’s face it. Cubicles stink. No one wants to sit down for 9 hours in a makeshift cloth box doing TPS reports. Below are 12 items plus a bonus item to keep you and your neighbors entertained at work.

1. Airzooka Air Gun – $13

2. Executive Elite Marshmallow Blaster – $55

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30 Amazing Sculptures Made out of Cardboard

2012 May 1 by

We are no stranger to cardboardat Samsill.  We make the RAW binder which is highly durabletype of chipboard/cardboard. All of our binders had some form of chipboard between the sheets of Polypropylene. We know our way around cardboard, but Chris Gilmour brings cardboard to an entirely different level.

Via Chris Gilmour via TwistedSiftler 

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8 Uses For Binders

2012 March 21 by

The ring binder was first patented in 1854 and since then they have been used for many things. The binder is the most efficient way to organize all kinds of materials. Since binders come in different sizes, colors, materials, and capacities, they are a universal tool for any type of organizational need. Binders also allow the user to become creative in what a binder is used for. Possibilities are endless when it comes to the many uses of binders.

Samsill has one of the widest, if not the widest, array of binder selection in the industry. There are WAY more than 8 uses for them but here are 8 that others have found useful.

Here are 8 uses for ring binders:

1. Sales pricing books
2. Owner’s manuals or employee handbooks can be easily organized into a binder
3. Organize school materials, homework, etc.
4. Organizing collections: Whether you collect stamps, baseball cards, or other memorabilia, plastic sheets and inserts are a great place to put collections and can be easily placed into a binder
5. Binders can make great scrapbooks or photo albums
6. Easel binders allow for making presentations easy
7. If you have a bunch of recipes lying around, a binder can be used to make a cookbook
8. A binder was originally created to hold loose leaf paper, which is a great place to write a journal, a book, or track goals

These are just a few examples of how binders can be used, but there are many more uses out there. Binders make organization easy and convenient, especially with binder accessories such as tabs and page protectors.

8 Uses for Binders - Samsill

The Binders For Life series from Samsill are great binders to use for any of the 8 uses for binders.

Who Invented the 3 Ring Binder?

2012 February 28 by

The three ring binder serves as an integral component to any office, home, or educational facility. It keeps papers organized and neat, and presents them in a professional manner. The invention of the three ring binder led to other inventions and innovations related to office implements.

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Dutch Street Artist Creates Amazing Portraits Using Only Tape

2012 February 26 by

We like office supplies around here at Samsill.  Tape is DEFINITLY an office product, and this is by far the COOLEST thing we’ve ever seen done with it!

Via Design Taxi

Dutch street artist Max Zorn has revolutionized the way we usually use duct tape by creating portraits out of them.

Using layers of translucent duct tapes, Zorn creates stunning portraits of pop culture figures like the Beatles and also classic artworks such as Vermeer’s ‘Girl with a Pearl Earring’.

Zorn’s fascinating works have appeared on buildings, windows as well as street lamps all over Europe.

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Types of Three-Ring Binders

2012 February 25 by

Three-ring binders can help keep important papers organized. The ease in opening the rings adds to the convenience of separating papers into groups and using tabs to label sections. Three-ring binders are available in different ring shapes and sizes. Each ring shape has a different mechanism and is fitted into the three-ring binder differently. Knowing the difference in the types of three-ring binders will aid you in picking the right binder to meet your needs.

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Recycled Binder Uses – Making an Aerodynamic Kit For A Lamborghini Out Of Two Three Inch Binders

2012 February 24 by

A good friend of mine, Mark from Marketing, is a car enthusist as well as a skier from Monaco.  He put a ski box on top of his Lambo but didn’t like the speed limit that put on his car. So he created a DIY aerodynamic kit for his Lambo out of binders.  Just another way to reuse old binders!!

From his blog:

I know you are not supposed to put a ski box on a Lambo and I do know that you are an absolute idiot if decide to build an aerodynamic improvement on the car with a some card board and duct tape. I guess that makes me a super idiot! Haha

As Janni will be waiting for me in Monaco tomorrow I decided that I am going to get there as fast as I can after the race. So I decided to design an aero modification that I think will help the drag, creating better fuel economy and most importantly taking away our high speed limit… ;-)

Stay tuned tomorrow to see how our modification worked, I must say that with our only option of some card board and duct tape we did a pretty good job! 250km/h+ here we come? ;-)

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What Is the History of the Three-Ring Binder?

2012 February 23 by

The 3-ring binder is something that can be seen in schools and offices around the world. This binder is helpful because it gives students and those in offices the ability to organize and store whatever papers and documents they may have. The 3-ring binder is useful because not only does it keep papers organized, but it also helps keep papers protected from dirt or grime.

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Fungi Discovered In The Amazon Will Eat Plastic

2012 January 31 by

This story comes to us from the great people over at Co.Exist.  Here is an excerpt from their article.

The Amazon is home to more species than almost anywhere else on earth. One of them, carried home recently by a group from Yale University, appears to be quite happy eating plastic in airless landfills.

The group of students, part of Yale’s annual Rainforest Expedition and Laboratory with molecular biochemistry professor Scott Strobel, ventured to the jungles of Ecuador. The mission was to allow “students to experience the scientific inquiry process in a comprehensive and creative way.” The group searched for plants, and then cultured the microorganisms within the plant tissue. As it turns out, they brought back a fungus new to science with a voracious appetite for a global waste problem: polyurethane.

The common plastic is used for everything from garden hoses to shoes and truck seats. Once it gets into the trash stream, it persists for generations. Anyone alive today is assured that their old garden hoses and other polyurethane trash will still be here to greet his or her great, great grandchildren. Unless something eats it.

The fungi, Pestalotiopsis microspora, is the first anyone has found to survive on a steady diet of polyurethane alone and–even more surprising–do this in an anaerobic (oxygen-free) environment that is close to the condition at the bottom of a landfill.

Student Pria Anand recorded the microbe’s remarkable behavior and Jonathan Russell isolated the enzymes that allow the organism to degrade plastic as its food source. The Yale team published their findings in the journal Applied and Environmental Microbiology late last year concluding the microbe is “a promising source of biodiversity from which to screen for metabolic properties useful for bioremediation.” In the future, our trash compactors may simply be giant fields of voracious fungi.



This is great news for us and the rest of the world.  Plastics can be very harmful to the environment.  That is why we, at Samsill, take such great care to recycle almost everything, use post consumer content, use as little plastic as possible without degrading performance, and buy our supplies through environmentally friendly suppliers.

We also have the ONLY traditional biodegradable binder on the market. It is one of our top sellers and it is fully biodegradable (meaning it breaks down in a traditional landfill environment unlike most plastics).  2012 is going to be a HUGE year for us because we are introducing quite a few new, full environmentally friendly, products to the binder market.

Stay tuned for more.

Biodegradable Binder


Samsill Launches New Binder Fashion Colors for 2012

2012 January 30 by

Like Saturdays INFOGRAPHIC said, this is the beginning of “COLOR DAYS” around Samsill.  We are extremely happy to announce our NEW FASHION COLORS FOR 2012.

and be sure to check out our 2012 FASHION COLOR PRESS RELEASE that went out this morning!

What Will 6 Million Matches and 16 Years of Life Get You? Awesomeness

2012 January 17 by

Via My Modern Met

Think you have the time, dedication and patience to create an artwork like this? First, try and comprehend these numbers. 6 million matches. 16 years of life. Bulgarian artist Plamen Ignatov used that many matches and spent that much time to create this impressive miniature model of the Rila Monastery. Made of wood, matches and gems, it’s now on display at the Museum of Archaeological in Sofia, Bulgaria.

The Rila Monastery is the largest and most famous Eastern Orthodox monastery in Bulgaria. It is regarded as one of Bulgaria’s most important cultural, historical and architectural monuments and is a key tourist attraction for both Bulgaria and Southern Europe. It has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.
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New Year Wisdom

2012 January 5 by

It is a few days into the New Year and it is about the time when the holiday season hype is over and things are slowly getting back to normal.  A lot of you probably made New Years resolutions, as so many people do, but maybe this year is different. Maybe this year is the year to keep your resolution. Whatever your resolution was, even if you didn’t have one, this article could be the difference between starting the new year off right, or wrong. It was quite a paradime shift in my traditional way of thought, maybe if can help you too.

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Speedy Spine™ Time Saving View

2011 July 3 by

Round Ring
Loads spine inserts 5 times faster than traditional view binders.

Earth’s Choice™ Biodegradable View

2011 May 19 by

Round Ring
Formulated to biodegrade in microbial landfills within 5 years**.

Clean Touch™ Antimicrobial View

2011 May 4 by

Round Ring
Antimicrobial protected binders, using the natural power of silver.

Clean Touch™ Antimicrobial Economy View

2011 May 1 by

Round Ring
Antimicrobial protected binders, using the natural power of silver.

Nonstick View

2011 April 19 by

Round Ring
Will not stick or lift copy from cover inserts or contents.

View Binders

2011 April 8 by

Round Ring
Clear overlay with concealed rivets.

Fashion Presentation

2011 April 6 by

Bright fashion color 2 packs.

Earth’s Choice™ Biodegradable Storage

2011 April 4 by

Round Ring
Formulated to biodegrade in microbial landfills within 5 years**.

Ring Binder

2011 March 25 by

Classic Collection
Leather-like cover with sewn edges and brass corners.

Zipper Portfolio

2011 March 20 by

Large compartment for laptop storage.


2011 March 18 by

Round Ring
Poly Binders are lightweight flexible binders.

Economy View

2011 March 11 by

Round Ring
Feature a clear overlay for simple and economical customization.

Value Plus Reference

2011 February 4 by

Round Ring
Made with a heavy weight chip board to add strength and durability.

Value Junior Storage

2000 February 1 by

Round Ring
Junior sized value storage.

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