10 Awesome Accessories to Organize Your Office


Add a colorful dash of blocky fun to your desk with this organizer. It comes complete with LEGO crayons, pencils and erasers.



Cost: $28.29


2. Inbox


We might try to go paper-free, but the odd bit of papyrus always creeps in. Use this fun “Inbox” to keep your papers tidy.



Cost: $27.99



With graph paper, notebook, lined and square designs, these white boards are a great old school way to make lists, notes and, heck, even play the odd game of tic-tac-toe.



Cost: Approx $54



The MiniDock keeps your iDevice off the floor (or frees up desk space) and means you have a permanent home for your precious gadgets.



Cost: $19.95



You’ll always have a pencil nearby with this sweet set. Get two for a double rainbow effect.



Cost: Approx $16



Pick your favorite Pantone shade and keep clutter to a minimum with this awesome walllstore.



Cost: $60



Perfect for storing the little bits and bobs that accumulate in office life. Pitch the ninjas against the robots and see who can keep things the tidiest.



Cost: Approx $16



We love the Memo Mountain! With fir tree pins and an alpine outline, it’s a bit of functional, yet fun, Swiss design inspiration.



Cost: $14.99



Available in green, orange, yellow and blue, these cheerful USB cables are a great way to color-code your Apple device plug-ins.



Cost: Approx $6.50



Finally, this witty way to keep your headphones tidy made us smile.



Cost: $9.95