10 Timeless Gifts for Men

Yes, it is that time of year again to start thinking of Christmas gifts. Can you only think of socks and ties for him? If you are having trouble thinking of a gift or want something that is unique we researched it all so you don’t have to! Give him a gift that he will use every day and last a lifetime. Here are our top 10 favorite products that will surely win him over.


#1 – A Wallet


A Saddleback wallet comes in multiple colors to match his personality. It’s the last wallet he will ever need. Each saddleback item comes with a 100-year warranty. Cost $40.00 – $215.00


#2 – A Watch


These Mistura watches are one of a kind. Many different styles and ways to customize just the look you are looking for. Each watch is hand crafted from wood and other renewable resources. Cost $189.00 – $499.00


#3 – A Portfolio 


These Samsill portfolios are sure to put some extra pep in his step while walking into his next office meeting. Portfolios bring an easy alternative to a briefcase and come in three amazing colors. (An easy color match with his wallet) Cost $24.00-$26.00


#4 – A Shave Set


Every man needs a classy shave set. This one, from Van Der Hagen, comes with everything he needs to get that perfect shave. Once he starts using his shave kit we will be transformed. Here is a great post that will convince you to make the switch. Cost $79.00


#5 – Steak Branding Iron


Who doesn’t want to initial their perfectly crafted steak. Texas Irons allows you to pick up to 3 characters and a custom handle choice. This gift would be the perfect accessory for any grill master. Cost $59.95


#6 – A Cooler


This Icehole cooler is high-performance and made in the USA. They come in nine different colors and three different sizes. The epic 60 can hold 38 cans of beer. Because that’s mainly what it will be used for, right? Cost $399.00-559.00


#7 – A Cigar Stand


Does he always ask you to hold his cigar because he doesn’t have a place to set it? Problem solved with these Wicked Anvil cigar stands. These one-of-a-kind custom cigar holders are made to show off his personal lifestyle. Cost $40.00 – $185.00


#8 – A Toiletry Bag


These handmade toiletry bags from Sivani Designs are sure to make traveling a little bit easier. Pick your color and personalize for an extra touch. Perfect for the new business man or for the frequent traveler. Each bag is also made to be water and tear-resistant. Cost $89.00 – $96.00


#9 – Sunglasses


You can’t go wrong with a new pair of sunglasses. These Woody sunglasses are made from premium bamboo and wood. Being made from bamboo they are extremely lightweight and float! These sunglasses are sure to impress. Cost $75.00 – $95.00


#10 – A Knife


A knife is such a timeless piece that every guy will love. Whether he is into hunting, fishing, or a collector of knives this gift is one-of-a-kind. Especially with this 24K gold finish! Thanks to Texas Tool Crafters. Cost on the 24K gold collection $39.99 – $380.00