11 Gifts for Law Students on Amazon

Law school isn’t cheap. Help them by getting the things they would like but can’t afford because the cost of textbooks has taken most of their budget.


Law students give the term “all-nighter” an entirely different meaning. They aren’t only pulling all-nighters for midterms and finals but throughout the entire semester. Help them out with the strongest coffee on the market.

Promising Review: “Most coffee I’ve tasted has a sour taste when it comes to the end result, this coffee has a sense of natural sweetness and has the caffeine to kick-start a morning without jitters if you can average a normal pot of less caffeinated coffee, 10/10 gonna buy again soon” – Zackary

Price: $18.99


Add a fun coffee mug to their coffee gift!

Promising Review: “Bought it for my Daughter who is at Harvard Law School, she loves it!” – K. Romero

Price: 12.96


How about caffeinated foods? This is surely a two in one deal for any law student and a must have for the road.

Promising Review: “I always have plenty of these around when I’m out and need some energy. They are great for a pick me up while at the gym or out on a long run and taste great!” – Lora

Price: $16.90


With all the studying comes all the supplies that goes along with it. Help them with the essentials and grab this all in one writing kit.

Promising Review: “Great product, has a stylist which works on the iPad and your phone too. Much cheaper than buying all items individually.” – Amazon Customer

Price: $19.99


From class to the library, then off to another study group, and maybe home to grab some zzzzs. A student is going to need something to carry everything around, especially a safe place for their laptop. Grab a messenger bag that allows them enough room they will need from point A to B and a padded compartment just for their laptops!

Promising Review: “I love this bag. I bought it especially for a Transatlantic flight and it was really worth it. Easy access to everything I needed and it is nice too look at. The magnetic closure is genius!” – Alexa

Price: $69.99


Keep your student hydrated without leaving condensation on their desk and papers with this water bottle that will keep drinks hot and cold!

Promising Review: “I’m a big fan of these. I can fill the with cold water and take them to class and the water stays cold all day. The design is classy and their customer service is exceptional. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a water bottle.” – Amazon Customer

Price: $11.99 – $17.99


That professional look they need for trial mockups or job interviews can be pricey for any college student. For the male law student grab him a nice tie to add to his wardrobe.

Promising Review: “Burgundy is a classic, powerful business color and great for interviews. Every guy should own a tie like this for basic use, and after scrolling through a couple of pages of ties on a burgundy tie search, I chose this one for the shade and price. I wasn’t disappointed! I’m a big fan of the deep, slightly darker than some others color.” – Paul

Price: $29.99


For the female law student…grab her a nice string of pearls to accessorize any look.

Promising Review: “These are high quality and comes in nice packaging. This was the perfect graduation gift.” – Amazon Customer

Price: $149.99


Every good lawyer needs a padfolio! Boost your student’s confidence while they are still in school so they can use their padfolio during mock trial!

Promising Review: “I have used this basically everyday for a year and still no issues. It has numerous compartments for different files or technology you want to carry with you. The external pocket makes it easy to access documents you need in a hurry without having to open the entire padfolio. I especially like the zipper. I sometimes use this case to carry my laptop, along with other documents, and the zipper allows it to be fully covered. My laptop is 14″ so I would assume it would fit others that size or smaller as well.” – Landon

Price: $22.99


 A fun card game to relax and give any law student a good laugh with friends. This Law School in a box is a perfect stocking stuffer!

Promising Review: “Hilarious and oh, so true. Best to give this as a gift after your student’s first or second year of law school.” – Cade

Price: $14.20


Depending on how far along your law student is in school, according to a lot of reviews this book is a perfect transition at the beginning of a student’s journey. A fun and entertaining read.

Promising Review: “For those of us stressing about law school this book is really fun to read, and also offers some tips about law school strategy. I would recommend this book to all 1Ls.” – K

Price: $18.97


Now give them a gift so they can keep studying and make good life decisions…

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