11 More Really Cool Gadgets for Your Office or Cubicle

We gave you 19 pretty awesome gadgets in a previous post. Here are 11 more things we found to help your office become a little more enjoyable and your day go by quicker.

Wiki USB Fridge

If you’re a soda drinker you will know how quickly can cokes lose their cool. You can always ensure your refreshing drink is cool with this USB fridge. No software is required. Just plug and sip.

Desktop Jellyfish Aquarium

Who needs fish when you can have jellyfish at your desk? These aquariums can be kind of pricey since it’s not your ordinary fish tank. The specially designed aquarium has the water filtration system at the bottom so the jellyfish won’t get sucked into the filtration intakes. But buyers beware, this hypnotizing desktop item could lead to hours of unproductivity.

USB Flower Pot

If you aren’t keen on living creatures, perhaps a plant might be right up your alley. The USB powered flower pot comes with software that reminds you to water your plant with LED indication lights on the base of the pot. Just the perfect thing for the person who has problems keeping things alive.


Ostrich Pillow

Looking for a way to take that power nap on your lunch break? The Ostrich Pillow allows you to catch a few Z’s practically anywhere. There are places for your hands if you want to sleep on a desk and a cut-out for your mouth and nose.


USB Brain Massager

If you need some tension relief in your head this plug-and-play brain massager is the perfect remedy. It effortlessly improves your blood circulation, metabolism, immunity, and sleep quality while relieving pain and pressure and even enhancing your memory.

Clip-on Cup Holder

We’ve all been in that situation where we either spill a drink across our desk or come pretty close. You can say goodbye to accidents or “almost” accidents with the clip-on cup holder. Plus it frees up some space on your desk.


 USB Whack It Game

If you loved the arcade game Whack-a-Mole you will love this scaled down USB version. You tap with creatures with your finger as they randomly light up. Points are display on the LCD score board and you can choose from 30 second or 1 minute games.


 Facebook Stamp Set

Facebook has made the “like” button pretty popular but we are still waiting on a dislike button. This Like/Dislike Stamp set comes with two, self-inking stamps to let co-workers or employees know what you like and what you dislike.


 USB Mouse Hand Warmer

Sitting at your desk for hours on end does a number on your circulatory system. Cold computer hands can disrupt your workflow but luckily the great people from ValueRays have created this USB Mouse Hand Warmer to combat this epidemic. Just put your current mouse and mouse pad in the blanket pouch and enjoy the warmth.



Amazingly simply round earth magnets can provide hours of entertainment. Buckyballs come in various sizes and colors to allow you to create magnetic works of art.


Calculator Spy Camera

Whether recording interviews or trying to figure out who is stealing your sandwich, the Calculator Spy Camera will get the job done. The camera is located on the side for discrete viewing and recording important converstations. And you can use it for an actual calculator if you feel like working.


Do you have any cool office gadgets at your desk? Share them below.