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12 Game Changing Organizational Products + Free Spring Cleaning Printable checklist

Spring cleaning always turns into a bigger mess, but that’s kind of the point, right? Removing everything from its place, deciding on if it stays or goes, and then reorganizing.

In every room a good rule of thumb is to have a donate, trash, and organize bin.

If you are on Pinterest there are a million ways to organize little areas in your house. If you haven’t jumped on this organizational bandwagon now is the time. Look through what would work best for your house and needs. We aren’t saying that you need to purchase individual jars for your pantry, get some decorative storage boxes for odds and ends, or some smaller organizational bins for that junk drawer.

We created a free spring cleaning checklist to make sure you don’t get lost among the clutter. We divided each room into its separate chores. Rooms included: kitchen, living room, bedrooms, bathrooms, laundry room, garage, and the outdoors. These printables are a perfect edition to your home binder.

Here are our favorite organization products divided into each room:


The Kitchen and Living Room

spring cleaning checklist diy binder printables

Junk Drawer Organization

It’s time to organize your junk drawer. First, dump everything out. Have your trash can close by because you will be using it.

junk drawer spring cleaning checklist diy binder printables


Purchasing just a few bins will help greatly with keeping this drawer clean and organized. The picture shown below is from Made Smart and is one set. You can purchase multiple sets which would work well for other drawer storage or a craft room. Sort everything into groups so each group can easily be placed in its own bin. Price $10.39

junk drawer spring cleaning checklist diy binder printables

 Spice Cabinet

A spice cabinet is pretty similar to a junk drawer in the sense that items are thrown around and not organized. Just by adding a 3-tier spice rack made all the difference in this space. Having the 3-tier allows each spice to be more visible, and cuts down on your cooking time.


spice cabinet organization spring cleaning checklist diy binder printables


This small item will make a huge difference! The spice rack shown is from Copco and is only $7.99!

spice rack organization spring cleaning checklist diy binder printables



Cord organization at its finest. These adjustable organizers from Baltic Living will hide all your cords and keep them neat and tidy. We loved this design because of the flexibility you can make this product to accommodate any cord bundle. Price $13.99


cord organization spring cleaning checklist diy binder printables



The Bedrooms and Bathrooms

bedroom and living room spring cleaning checklist diy binder printables


Decorative Storage Boxes

The clutter that you can’t throw away still needs to be hidden. If something doesn’t have a “home” it is easy to keep piling items. As you can see in the picture below, the top shelf of a closet becomes a dumping place for t-shirts and items not worn regularly. Go through your clothes, figure out what stays and what goes and what can be stored away during the off seasons.


closet organization spring cleaning checklist diy binder printables



closet organization spring cleaning checklist diy binder printables

These storage boxes from Pop n’ Store are perfect organizers for the bedroom (or any room in the house really). These boxes come in 5 different sizes and colors. We have seen them used for organizing pictures, toys, paperwork, dog toys, etc. Prices range depending on box size. Boxes shown are navy mega boxes.



Organize odds and ends with a cube storage bookcase. This one from Better Homes and Gardens. After organizing everything in your storage boxes show them off as a decorative accent in this bookcase. Price starts at $81.74


  Towel/Clothes Hooks

If you don’t already have a few hooks in your bathroom now is the time to invest in some! These Franklin Brass hooks come as a single hook or a pack of 5. Perfect way to successfully organize towels from each family member. Starts at $5.00

 bathroom spring cleaning checklist diy binder printables


Vanity Keeper

Tired of searching for bobby pins or nail clippers? These little items can be misplaced so easily because they are so small and can hide. This magnetic organizer from Storage Technologies creates an easy go to place where you can find these tools in one area. Price $12.99

bathroom spring cleaning checklist diy binder printables


The Laundry Room and Garage

 laundry room and garage spring cleaning organization checklist diy binder printables


Dryer Balls

While you’re organizing your laundry room throw away that box of dryer sheets (or use the remaining ones on your baseboards) and invest in these dryer balls. Woolzies comes in a 3 pack with a lavender essential oil to dab on them if you’d like. These dryer balls last for at least 1,000 laundry loads and they are hypoallergenic. Price $18.99

 laundry spring cleaning checklist diy binder printables

 Tidy Cup

Laundry detergent gets everywhere even after trying to rinse out the remaining detergent. These nifty gadget from Tidy-Cup creates a place for your detergent to sit, making the clean easy breezy! Price $10.95 for one

laundry spring cleaning checklist diy binder printables

Broom/Mop Holder

If you are still hiding your brooms in a corner of a closet, stop now. This holder by Home-it is perfect for organizing everything in the garage. Don’t want to showcase your home essentials in your garage? Check out how to organize a cleaning closet. Price $11.99

 spring cleaning checklist diy binder printables


 Garage Rack

Is everything in your garage piled up and once a hail storm arrives you wish everything was neatly placed so your car can have a home? Get some Sterilite organizational shelves to give all the outdoor items a place to stay. There are a few different sizes to choose from, the one pictured cost $32.49.

garage spring cleaning checklist diy binder printables


Share with us your tips and tricks to spring cleaning and getting your house organized!


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