Get Summer Ready with a DIY Fitness Binder + Free Printables

So, it’s that time again where summer is on the horizon. Which means shorts, tanks, and the dreaded swimsuit. If you clicked on this you are one step closer to not hating those three words as much. There is almost too much information out there to achieve your health goals. So much so, that creating a health binder, that is personalized to you, is the perfect go-to for your favorite workouts and meals.

Starting with a fitness routine and diet change has to go beyond a thought, beyond a grocery store run and beyond your first workout. A fitness binder will give you a place to track your goals and a way to start your new habit. Whether you’re just getting summer bod ready or you’ve been at it for a while now these 3 organizational tricks are sure to help in your fitness goals.

What you need:

Goal Tracking

goal tracking printables diy fitness binder

Let’s start with the goals you are wanting to accomplish. Think long and hard about what your end goal is. Then start thinking about everything you must do to get to that end goal. Go beyond thinking about all of this and use your health binder to write all your thoughts down. You should start realizing that you are creating smaller, more tangible goals. This is exactly what you should be doing. Starting small and working your way up. Can’t run a mile but want to run a 5K? Start by downloading the Couch to 5K app. Before you know it that “habit” word we talked about will start forming.

goal tracking free printable in diy binder

But you must write everything down. Why?

  • It will make your goals more clear
  • It will hold you accountable
  • It will stay fresh in your mind
  • It will keep you motivated
  • It will help you stay on the right track
  • It will help you track your progress

We created 3 printables (that are included in the collection) that will give you a place to write down your thoughts and accomplishments.

Tracking everything is important. Think of it this way, we have endless amounts of data online. Why not start tracking your health? Or when you get to the end of your 8 weeks, yes you will feel better but you may not notice a huge difference until you look at your before and after pictures or compare your measurements.

Be sure to like our health and fitness Pinterest board for new exercises and easy meals for the work week.

Meal Prepping

meal prep and shopping list printables diy binder

If you don’t meal prep the temptation to eat out highly increases. You may argue that you do not have enough time to make breakfast and lunch during a busy work week. Our solution, find easy healthy recipes. For example, overnight oats for breakfast or taco salads for lunch. Depending on which recipes you choose you could spend an entire Sunday prepping your food or just a couple of hours. Your crock pot will become your best friend. #MealPrepSunday

A key factor in meal prepping is organization.

Download these 2 free printables to get you started. (Print out multiple pages and put in a binder pocket or sheet protector. Or you can laminate these pages to reuse them.) A common mistake is making a few meals thinking that will be enough for the week. Don’t under prep, make sure all your meals are covered. That is where the first sheet comes in. Writing down everything you plan on eating for the week will also help with your shopping list, making sure that you have all the ingredients.

Not sold on meal prepping yet? Here are 3 reasons why you should start.


  • Because you won’t be throwing away unused ingredients.
  • You won’t be eating out near as much!


This might be a “duh” statement. But in the beginning, you should teach yourself how to read food labels and learn what really is healthy and what isn’t.

Some items may be called “healthy” and still have a lot of sugar or other processed ingredients added to them.

Reward yourself! Stick with your diet for at least 2 weeks before you have a cheat meal. The longer you wait for your cheat meal the better habits you are creating.

You will SAVE TIME

  • Your shopping list will become second nature and your grocery trip will be shortened.
  • Having a precooked dinner will give you more time at night to do your workouts.
  • You won’t be wasting time trying to figure out the “what’s for dinner.”

You will probably be trying a lot of new recipes. Some will be amazing, others not so much. Through this process a Pinterest board may not be the best organizational method. Print out your favorite recipes and start creating a healthy recipe binder to store all your favorites.


Do you sit all day at work and then go home and watch Netflix the rest of the evening? It is time to cut that routine and create a new healthy lifestyle.

Figure out what works for you. If yoga is boring switch to kickboxing or vice versa. Try something new, have you checked out Groupon? There are always different group exercise discounts. Do you need a personal trainer to hold yourself accountable? Start using that treadmill that is just accumulating dust in the basement. Try some 30-day challenges to ease into the process. Don’t think you have enough time in your day? Check out our post on how to work out at work.

If you aren’t sure how to take your measurements here is a handy guide.

These printables are perfect for you to measure your accomplishments. You will be surprised at how rewarding it is to fill a in a box after a day of successfully completing your goals.

Are you ready to create healthy habits and be ready for that swimsuit? Tell us what has helped you achieve your goals!

We also created a 40 day work out at work challenge available here.

“I want to see what happens if I don’t give up.”



 Printouts now available in PINK!

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