Worried about co-workers eating your next meal that you place in the office refrigerator? You might want to consider putting your lunch in the office restroom. It is a surprise to most people that storing your lunch in the office restroom is safer than the office refrigerator, according to one study.

Here are three ways in which your office can help decrease the spread of germs in the office refrigerator.

  1. Get on a Schedule

Friday is a great purging day. Let your employees know that once Friday rolls around anything that is left in a to-go container or has an expiration date will be thrown away.


  1. Deep Cleaning Months

Every quarter plan on deep cleaning the office refrigerator. Take out the shelves and clean all the surfaces. Add this to your cleaning schedule so this process doesn’t get left behind.


  1. Make a Calendar

The new year is approaching so get a new 2017 calendar and get started with this easy task. How many departments does your company have? Dived the months into which department has refrigerator responsibilities. Go a step further and assign specific people on certain days to make sure the cleaning list gets completed.



Tell us who your office keeps their refrigerator clean.