5 Bullet Journal Hacks That Only Takes Minutes to Make

The great part about a bullet journal is that you can use it however you want. What works for you may not work for another person. That also goes for which journal you decide to purchase. Or you might have the question, “which is the best notebook for bullet journaling?” Some people like blank pages, dots, or lined. It is really your preference.

Whether you are getting ready for back to school or starting a bullet journal, we found 5 journal hacks that will help you along your journey.


  1. Color Coding

Whether you are using color to determine what pages belong to a certain school subject or using color to layout each individual month – this technique can help anyone stay organized without the use of a key or flipping through individual pages.

Grab your favorite washi tape and determine what color belongs to what. For example, use purple for math, blue for English, pink for science, etc.

bullet journal color coding with washi tape. student bullet journal, samsill journal, samsill notebook


  1. Brain Dump

A journal is designed to be a “brain dump”. And by brain dump, we mean jotting down all your random thoughts. Having free write pages are worth having for multiple reasons.

  1. These pages aren’t meant to look pretty. Allowing you more time to jot something down that doesn’t require a nicely drawn line or shape.
  2. It’s simple. Something that doesn’t take time and a way to organize your thoughts is a win win in our book.
  3. Discover new ideas and things about yourself. These random thoughts written down may be a perfect sentence in a writing assignment.

Tip: Do you have the best ideas before you fall asleep? Keep your journal beside for a quick way to jot those brilliant ideas before you forget them. Or dedicate pages to a dream journal.

brain dump journal spread, bullet journal, samsill bullet journal for students


  1. Post It Notes

Even if you are good about jotting everything in your journal, post it notes will still find their way into your life. Create an entire page devoted to post-it notes in your bullet journal. Grab your favorite colors and start adding them to a page. That way you always have post-its ready to go and they are easy to tear off and replace with a brand new one. Another great reason to have this page is to cover up a page that has a lot of bleed through. That way you aren’t wasting a page that looks unusable.

Tip: Start from the bottom of the page and work your way to the top. This way it will layer your post-its perfectly.

post it notes for bullet journal spread, samsill bullet journal, journal for students


  1. Threading

Creating an index is one of the first things you see on any bullet journal site. While it sounds good in theory, do you still find yourself just flipping through the pages in your journal? Threading is another process that you can start implementing instead. Let’s say you have notes on page 20. And for that same subject you have to jump to the next black page, which is 30. On your first page (20) mark at the bottom where your page numbers are and put which page you jumped to.

threading bullet journal for students, samsill journal, bullet journal hacks


  1. No Pen Loop No Problem

This is one of those “why didn’t I think of that” moments. Like most journals, there is an elastic closure. Use that elastic band to go over your journal diagonally and place a pen on the outside of the journal. Wala!

bullet journal hacks, journal hacks, pen loop made from journal strap, bullet journal, samsill


What are some hacks that you’ve discovered through your bullet journal experience? Share with us in the comments!

Feel inspired and need a new journal? We used our classic black journal.