5 Ways to Organize Tax Documents

Everyone has their own organizing style but some of us just REALLY don’t like organizing tax documents. Plus, if you have to keep up with receipts it makes it even more difficult. Here, we are sharing 5 (funny) ways that people store their tax documents.

Grocery sack


Paper or plastic? Some people use grocery sacks for lunch bags and luggage…why not tax storage? If you’re looking for durability, Trader Joe’s has some great heavy duty paper bags.

Shoe box


This is probably the most common funny way to store tax documents. But hey, not why upcycle an old shoe box. It’s more durable than a plastic sack and it comes with a lid.


Here is another purpose for your glove compartment!


About 99% of the time, my receipts wind up wadded somewhere in the depths of my luggage-size purse but at least they are in one place.


Expense reports everywhere? Oh, where’s that receipt from last month?


Instead of using these options year after year….grab our Trio, you’ll thank us later! Read more here.