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The fifties and early sixties were busy years for the young company. The first products were folded or sewn and included shop cardholders, menu covers, and protectors of all sizes. Cecil and Tirey’s sister-in-law, Loveda, was the company’s first “sales force”, selling menu covers to local restaurants. One of the first customers was Massey’s Restaurant on 8th Avenue in Fort Worth. Loveda was joined in the early sales efforts by Leonard Hickock, who had been a salesman for NAPLASCO, and Roland Starkey, a school friend of Tirey’s, who represented Samsill as independent sales representatives.

Other early customers included Fort Worth Restaurant Supply and Gernsbacher’s for menu covers, and Panther City Office Supply and Majestic Reproduction for sheet protectors and badges. The company enjoyed a reputation for quality and diversity in its products. Customers knew that they could go to Samsill Brothers with near impossible requests and many stories are told of the impeccable service Cecil and Tirey gave to their customers.

During these years of growth the company enjoyed many “firsts”. The company’s first employee was Harold Campbell, and the first catalog was printed in 1957. The first sealing machine was purchased in 1960, and Samsill is believed to be among the first companies to produce a sealed vinyl ring binder. Samsill also made the plastic holder for the first credit card from Humble Oil Company.

By the early sixties the company was rapidly outgrowing the building on Nashville Street and the brothers began searching for land that would enable the company to grow and expand for the future. In 1963, Cecil and Tirey purchased the twelve-and-a-half acres of land that the company now occupies. The new building was completed with a ribbon-cutting ceremony on November 13, 1964. Samsill Brothers Plastic Company occupied their new building consisting of 20,000 square feet of manufacturing space and 5,000 square feet of office space, built at a cost of $200,000 and described in the Fort Worth Press as “the most up-to-date in the industry”. From the mid-sixties through the early nineties the company experienced tremendous physical growth with five major expansions to the original facility. Samsill now occupies over a quarter of a million square feet of manufacturing and office space in Fort Worth.

Cecil continued to manage the production operations and Tirey managed the office and sales. At that time there were no “titles” assigned to either of them. When Cecil was asked about this he said, “We were just big brother and little brother”. After moving to the new building they realized that if the company was to grow successfully they would need additional help. James F. Adams was hired from American Beauty Book Cover in Dallas to assist in purchasing and manufacturing operations.

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