7 Ways to Kick-Start your Bullet Journal

Want to jump into the bullet journal craze but not sure where to start or you don’t think you are creative enough? Here are a few suggestions on creating your bullet journal, but keep in mind the beauty of a bullet journal is being able to customize each page, for example: bullet points, to-do lists, doodling, tracking goals and habits, favorite quotes, things to watch, recipes, etc.) There are just a few pages that will help with organizing your life and your journal.

Create an Index

Creating an index will help you find certain pages throughout your journal. This is one thing that makes a bullet journal so awesome. How many times do you start a journal and have no idea where anything is because each page is random. The index will help organize all your thoughts on one page. I am finding this page extremely helpful with using my bullet journal for work. I randomly need pages to write down ideas and free writing. I can use the index page to know exactly where these pages are.

Year at a Glance Page

A year at a glance page is extremely helpful with referencing. The page beside this is a perfect spot for your favorite motivational quote. And I loved the idea of adding a motivational quote to the blank page beside the year. Also my handwriting skills are not perfect yet so I created a template to trace.

months for one page printable

Month by Month

Creating a spread that is solely devoted to that month is extremely helpful in seeing the big picture. Make each month personal, for example this page is for December, so a few extra gifts and to-do lists are a must! And not to mention writing down all your favorite holiday movies!

Goals Page(s)

Create a couple of pages just for your goals! We created a page for a personal eight week goal(s) and another page for work. Both of which will be completed because we wrote our goals down! It is proven that if you write your goals down you have a 42% chance of completing them!

For free goal setting printable head over to our blog post below!

Starting and Finishing Your Goals

Brain Dump Page(s)

Because why not write all your ideas down? Or have this as a free-writing page? Like we mentioned before, a bullet journal can be whatever you want it to be! And remember to log everything back into your index so you can reference back to those special pages!

Packing List

Never leave home again forgetting something! Create a list that you can keep referring to. This is perfect if you have pets or children that take a few extra steps in the traveling process.

Movie/TV Show Watch list

Create a page solely on what you want to watch so you do not forget! Especially when Netflix comes out with what new shows or movies are coming in that month!

netflix watchlist (7.5 x 10 journal size)

netflix watchlist 2 (5.25 x 8.25 journal size)


Other Bullet Journal Page Ideas to keep your journal full of inspiration!