How to Create a Meal Prep Habit with These 2 Easy Steps

How is your January going? A better question might be, how are your New Year resolutions going? Getting healthy and losing weight is the number one goal that most people have. That goal is a hard one to master if you don’t have the proper tools to do so. We created two print outs to help you along your journey that is sure to help you succeed.

Planning out your meals and dedicating a day to meal prep is essential. If you meal prep for the week all your meals are ready to go. No need to get hangry and make poor eating decisions. (Another bonus to meal prep, you dedicate one day out of the entire week and you don’t have to cook again!)

First you need to go through your recipe binder and find all the meals you want to make for the week and write them down on your ‘This Week’s Meal List’. Have your shopping list close by so you can add items you need as you go.

Applying these steps into a daily/weekly routine will eventually get easier and you will start to create a habit. One that you won’t want to break. Let us know in the comments how these two print outs and organizing your meal prep has helped you!





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