A True Hero

Good Monday morning Samsill fans!  Samsill is highly committed to giving back to those around us. That is why we have products in our “Binders For Life” campaign that are more than just binders. Each binder is meant to help a greater cause, like Breast Cancer or the environment.

All of our binders are also made 100% in the USA. Our manufacturing facility is located in Fort Worth, TX.  When you purchase a binder from us the money you pay is staying right here in the USA!

I am sure most of you have heard about Dakota Meyer, the Marine who recieved the Medal of Honor, but we cannot get enough of his story.  He is a true U.S. hero and we salute him. On top of all that he is raising money for his charity to help children of wounded vets go to college.

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Samsill Marketing Team