Antimicrobial from Agion Introduces Agion Active Base Layer

Samsill produces the most innovative products in the industry. Our Antimicrobial binder was the first of its kind and still is the best of its kind. Our Clean Touch Antimicrobial binder uses the All natural silver-based antimicrobial additive by Agion. It prevents the growth of bateria, mold and mildew of the binder’s surface promoting cleaner offices, schools, and hospitals.

Agion is a partner of ours and last year a few companies rolled out base layers that incorporate the antimicrobial technology from Agion. Our friends over at had the write up.

I’ve had a number of base layers in my day — most of which haven’t survived, because of a few rips or sometimes just their general grunginess after a fair amount of usage. And there are more than a few of those that were tossed after having been loaned to a friend, whose B.O. unwittingly sped the item along its path towards the rubbish heap.

For those of us in this camp that is constantly searching for base layers that treat us right, a new material is in town: Agion Active. As eVent fabric opened the doors to a world beyond Gore-Tex in the outerwear category, perhaps Agion Active will do the same to move us beyond some of the age-old options we’ve lived with in base layers (Capilene, anyone?).

Agion Active is built to be anti-microbial to fight the stink of normal base layers. It’s secret sauce? A fabric finish technology that Agion claims is capable of making gear and materials that never smell. Agion says thecornerstone of this technology is silver, which doesn’t surprise me — for years silver has been considered a home remedy for killing microbes. That’s where the term “silver spoon” comes from — some claim that during the terrible infections and plagues that spread throughout Europe years ago, the wealthy would give their children a spoon made of sterling silver to suck on and it would help kill any germs they might incidentally ingest. As a result, to this day many individuals looking for natural alternatives to antibiotics, etc, will take a bit of colloidal silver (sometimes to unusual effect).

So it makes sense that this same approach could be used to kill smelly microbes in materials, namely base layers in this case.

Having used the shirt in a number of quite sweaty situations such as skinning into the backcountry in mid-winter or skiing hard all day at Snowbird in mid-June (yes, the lifts are still open!), I can say that this shirt is not nearly as stinky as most of my other base layers. I’m pretty stunned, in fact. I even loaned the shirt to a few friends who tried their best to stink it up — and the shirt has not come close to reaching the stink level of other materials.

At first impression, I would say that Agion Active has some good potential. What’s more, it’s a finish that can easily be applied at the end of the manufacturing process — meaning that it could possibly be used to promising effect for products other than outdoor gear, such as carpets and pet products. Seems like Agion may have taken some old medicine and put it to creative new use.

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Antimicrobial Binder uses Agion Silver Technology
Clean Touch Antimicrobial Binder from Samsill