Best Office Halloween Costume Ideas


Choosing the best office Halloween costume can be somewhat tricky. You will need to decide if you are doing a group costume or individual costume. Some employers encourage group costumes because they allow employees to work together while individual costumes give workers more variety and opportunity to be as creative as they want. Either way, dressing up or decorating for Halloween at the office is a great way to boost employee morale and teamwork. Plus…it can be fun!

Below are the best office Halloween costume ideas we have heard of.

Individual Costumes

Work Related Costumes

  • Late for Work-Wear your hair messy and clothes disheveled with pajamas showing underneath.
  • Pink Slip-show up with an actual pink slip on over your clothes.

  • Vending Machine-Dress in all black and safety pin snacks to yourself with the cost next to them.
  • Spam Monster-Cover a shirt in spam messages from your inbox then print out “Inbox” in large letters to tape to the center of your shirt.

  • Forgotten Lunch-Wrap yourself in tin foil then write your name and date on a sign to wear around your neck.


Office supplies

  • Pencil-You can buy a pencil costume but it may be hard to move around in. Instead, use orange felt to make the costume.

  • Sticky Note-Dress in yellow and stick a few sticky notes on you. If they fall off you can cut a piece of poster board and stick them to that.
  • Three Hole Punch-Cut out 3 circles from black felt or material and put them on a white shirt.

Group Costumes

Office Show Theme

  • Bill Lumbergh-wear suspenders, a tie, and carry around a coffee mug.
  • Milton-sport a name badge with pens and pencils in your pocket. Don’t forget the legendary red stapler.

  • Dwight Schrute-part your hair down the middle, large glasses, and a yellow shirt with a tie (or any earth-tone attire).
  • Angela Martin-turtlenecks or sweaters with a long skirt is a good representation of Angela.
  • Michael Scott-if you have a suit and tie then you are set! Don’t forget to slick back your hair for the full effect.

Don’t forget to check with your Human Resource department before coming to work in any costume. What are you going to dress up as for your office Halloween party?

images via and Popsugar