Binders That Meet Your Needs

There is such a wide variety of binders available today that meet all of your organizational needs. Whether you are looking to for a better organization option for your office, home or school, you will definitely be able to find a Samsill binder that fits the bill.

Many people do not realize the extensive options available to them when it comes to binders. Often, it is difficult to find anything beyond the most basic binders when shopping. However, because Samsill specializes in manufacturing a wide variety of innovative office and organizational solutions, our binder selection is wide and varied. If you are looking for binders in many different sizes, styles, materials and colors, you will undoubtedly find what you’re looking for at Samsill.

Since the invention of the ring binder in 1886, people have been using them as organizational tools. Some of the most common uses for ring binders today include: compiling technical, procedural, operational and pricing manuals, organizing presentation materials in a small group setting, displaying relevant info during sales pitches, creating work or school portfolios, managing home maintenance systems, and more.

The fact that binders has been around for over 120 years and are still actively in use in today’s high-tech world shows us that sometimes simpler really is better. Ring binders give the user the ability to remove or add pages with ease, making them extremely versatile tools in a wide variety of settings. This is why so many companies and schools use ring binders as an organizational tool.

Sometimes, organizations or individuals may have a need for a very specific or customized binder. Samsill has impressive options when it comes to binder varieties. One of their very unique binder options is called the Speedy Spine Time Saving View binder. The Speedy Spine allows users to easily drop in spine inserts five times faster than traditional view binders. These binders are guaranteed for life and solve what was once a huge time wasting problem.

In today’s health-conscious world, many people want the option of antimicrobial surfaces on everything. Thanks to Samsill, this option now exists on binders. The all-natural silver-based antimicrobial Clean Touch binders will aid in keeping your home or office cleaner than ever before. By using the silver additive in their Clean Touch binders, Samsill offers customers a product that not only helps organize life quickly with fast reference label holders, but also actively fights against growing bacteria, mold, fungus and mildew.

Fashion conscious consumers have the option of purchasing a leather-feel zipper portfolio for a sleek, professional look. This type of binder is most often used as a portfolio to display examples of your work, and to store business cards and media, as well as professional accessories that you may need during a presentation or interview.

Binders at Samsill come in all sizes and colors. Everything about your binder can be customized, from the outside color and material to the number, type and position of the interior rings. For your next presentation, school project, job interview or sales pitch, there is a Samsill binder that will meet and often times exceed your needs.

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