Greeting Card Organizer – Christmas, Birthday, etc…

diy greeting card organizer binder

Of course everyone loves getting greeting cards. They have creative messages and remind us that others care. But what happens to the cards when a holiday or birthday is over and you have to put them up? Most cards either get a) put in a junk drawer to never be seen again or b) stuffed in a shoebox among dozens of other cards. What better way to appreciate other’s sentiments than putting them all in one place to enjoy every once in awhile. With a few simple supplies, you can create a greeting card organizer to store and protect all of you Christmas cards, birthday cards and other special occasion cards.

Materials needed:

  • Ring Binder
  • Hole punch
  • Greeting cards
  • Decorations/scrapbook material

Decide how you want to organize your greeting card organizer. You can do it by year, event or holiday. The example binder is new baby theme so it includes cards from gender reveal party, baby showers, birthday and mother/father’s day. Greeting card organizers are also great for Christmas cards or weddings.


Grab your hole punch. It is easiest to measure your binder rings and make a template for the cards. It can be difficult to turn the cards if the holes are off center.

hole punch greeting cards


If you haven’t done so already, write the dates on the backs of the cards and start organizing!

inserting cards into greeting card organizer

Samsill has a Junior Raw Binder that is the perfect size for cards and allows you to decorate pretty much however you want. As mentioned previously in the Create Cute School Binders blog post, you can personalize a raw binder using acrylic paint, markers, or Mod Podge™ pictures/magazine clippings.

 finished greeting card organizer


What do you do with your greeting cards? How will you organize them? Leave your comment below.