Fall into Cleaning + Free Checklist

Anyone else prefer a good deep cleaning in fall over spring? It’s something about opening the windows, enjoying the crisp air and the smell of fall that is the perfect combination for a cleaning day. (Not to mention if you are expecting holiday guests, this is a great time to knock cleaning off your to-do list.)

That is why we created a fall cleaning checklist. We divided this full list into rooms. You may think, why would I need a checklist? A checklist keeps us more organized and assures us that we don’t skip a step. For example, a grocery list. If you aren’t marking each item off your list you are probably going to forget an item or two. A list also keeps us motivated! An entire room may feel daunting but looking at your checklist with every item marked off is sure to feel like an accomplishment.

If you have kids that are old enough to help with cleaning, give them an entire list to complete themselves. This can also be a teaching moment for them on items that need cleaning that they probably had no idea that needed to be.

Don’t feel like you should complete this full list, and every room, in one day. Take your cleaning one room at a time. Take a break and watch Ellen DeGeneres and refuel with a cup of coffee. If dinner is something else that is on your mind. Make it a pizza night or make something easy in the crockpot. This way you can really conquer the cleaning and not worry about your everyday tasks.

Now go open your windows, enjoy the fall air, and get cleaning!

Printable Checklist Here

fall cleaning checklist printable - fall checklist for binder - fall cleaning - fall cleaning printable


Drawers and Cabinets: Take out everything. Yes – this sounds awful. But you will want to vacuum the dirt and food particles left behind. It takes time, but not having a bug infestation sounds like a better alternative. While you are doing this, as you are emptying out the cabinets, check to see what the expiration date is on your food. This also makes for a good opportunity to purge old products or donate ones you won’t use that are still good.

Pantry: Do the same thing in your pantry that you did for your drawers and cabinets. The one thing you’re going to add here is to clean the floor. If this space is a mess that keeps being pushed to the back burner, read our post on organizing this space in 5 easy steps here.

Appliances: These items get used all the time and we should give them more TLC throughout the year. Clean out your coffee pot, toaster, microwave, dishwasher, refrigerator, freezer, and stove. Another item to clean will be your oven. Pick a nice cool day for when you clean your oven. Usually, this process takes about an hour and generates some heat (not a chore that you would want to do in the summer).

When was the last time you deep cleaned your trash can? This would be the perfect time to clean out the item that holds a lot of bacteria. Do you have curtains in your kitchen? Give those a good wash along with any carpets if you can.

Is your junk draw located in your kitchen? Purchase a few small storage containers and make this space more functional.


Living Room

Before you start anything be sure to dust everything first. And by everything that includes fans, lamp shades, tables, the fireplace, etc. Anything that accumulates dust. You want to dust first so when you are ready to vacuum all the floating dust and allergens will be sucked up. While you are deep cleaning, be sure to move your furniture to get everything hiding underneath. If it’s something that can’t be moved either grab a vacuum extension or use a Roomba – these little robots are great for reaching places that you can’t.

Speaking of dust, remove your air vents, and give them a deep clean. Along with washing your pillowcases, spot cleaning furniture, and wash curtains.



Remove all sheets, wash those along with your pillows. This is a great time to clean your mattress and keep the bed bugs away!

Go through the same process as your living room with dusting and vacuuming.

Now that fall is here it’s a good time to transition your closet. While doing this have a purge and donate box. This way you can clear out anything that you no longer wear and make room for new stuff.



Probably the most germ-infested room in the house. Remove everything that you can from your bathroom: carpets, décor, towels, and your shower curtain. If you have a shower curtain, it’s probably a good idea to replace the clear curtain liner and wash your fabric one.

Go through your cabinets and toss anything that is empty or expired. Once your bathroom is clean, clean off each item that is making its way back into this area.


Laundry Room

Did you know that you should clean your washer and that you should also clean out the lint filter in your dryer? Dryers are the leading cause of house fires and something that can easily be prevented. Clean behind each appliance. And clean off any laundry detergent that has spilled over to your shelves.


Garage and Outdoor Space

With the transition of seasons, there is a lot to be done outside and maintaining your home. In this post, we will handle everything that needs to be cleaned. For maintaining your home check out our post and checklist for that here.

For your garage, go through and see what needs to be purged. If there are old paints and chemicals, make sure you are tossing these chemical products the correct way. Read more about paint storage and disposal here. To read more about certain ways to dispose of chemicals in your home read here.

Purchase some organization bins if you haven’t already to organize sports equipment, holiday décor, or tools. Another great purchase to make is a shelving system. Somehow, it’s easy for your garage to becoming a “dumping” space.

Give your lawn equipment attention and give those items a nice wipe down.

Fall is also a season that requires a lot of attention outside. Read more on how to maintain the outside of your home here.

Which season do you prefer to clean in? Fall, Spring, or both?