Garden Binder

I made a raised garden bed this year and decided to try and plant a few things. Last year, I just bought the tomato plant that was already grown which was a big step for me. I kept it alive until the first Texas freeze. SO, not knowing anything about gardening I thought it might be a good idea to keep track of my first experience. That way IF everything goes according to plan, I can be prepared for next year and hopefully plant more. Here are two different ways you can keep track of your seeds and/or your notes.




If you just want to store your seed packets, business card pages work well. You can fold the packet into thirds and slide them right in.




You will need to use sheet protectors if you want to keep notes about your garden.


I just taped the seed packets to the piece of paper and wrote the notes about how I planted the seeds (like how many and what time of year). If you prefer to type everything out here is a template you can download