Create Cute School Binders by Customizing Them

It’s Back-to-School time and while most kids are excited to go back and see their friends not all are as enthusiastic.

Here is one idea that might make gathering school supplies a little more fun.

Create cute school binders by customizing regular, everyday ring binders.

We took a Samsill Raw binder and simply added a little flair for a fun and unique piece your kids will enjoy taking to school.

cute school binders from scratch

Using acrylic paint is a fun way to add color and easily wash up with water.

Or washable markers are another easy way to let your child customize their supplies. It is also an easy way for them to label their supplies. For a more structured approach you could first draw a design in pencil and allow your kids to fill the picture in.

customzing a cute school binder

Using scraps of paper or cut outs from old magazines to collage onto the binder with Mod Podge™ is a fun way to add color and personality to your school binder as well.

supplies to customize a ring binder

You can use this craft time to talk to your kids about the upcoming year.

  • Do they have fears?
  • What are they most excited about?

A good reference for more question ideas click here.

This idea can be done to make more than just their school binders cute and personal.

  • Pocket folders
  • Pencils
    • Using Finger nail polish
    • Stickers
    • Mailing labels with their name
  • Notebook covers
  • Composition book covers
  • Accordion Folder
    • Puff paint
    • Scrapbook embellishments (maybe take a trip to a Hobby store and allow your child to pick out one item* or within a budget)

*Most hobby stores offer 40% off coupons on an item.

Are you inspired?  What school supplies are you going to personalize?   Send us pictures of your project to and receive a box of binders for your next decoration project.