How to Green Your Office

We decided to give some more tips and a few products that can also help improve how eco-friendly your office is.

It’s so great to see such a huge push on being eco-friendly in the past few year. There are so many more companies that are offering alternatives to regular products if you decide you want to be green. Last year, we did a blog post on green tips for the office which included some basics tips on how you can improve your carbon footprint in the corporate world. Here we decided to give some more tips and a few products that can also help improve how eco-friendly your office is.

Recycled Paper

We may be living in the digital age but if you really think about it, paper is still thriving. While you may think it is a good idea to go to a paperless office, there are still other paper products that you can’t replace with a digital counterpart. What is going to replace boxes to ship product in? Paper towels, napkins, bathroom tissue or facial tissue? There is a way to be responsible while using paper. One Green Planet has a great list of the best planet-friendly paper products. 

Office Supplies

More and more companies are finding office supplies to make eco-friendly. Here are a few that we like:

B2P Pens-these are made from the plastic of recycled water and soda bottles. One of my favorite pens because it’s earth friendly and it writes sooo smoothly!

B2P pens

Earth’s Choice Binders-all of the contents of the binder are 100% recyclable and a portion of proceeds of the sale go to American Forests.

Earth's Choice Binder

Cardboard Printer-How cool is this printer? The Origami was created by Samsung last year and is made from 100% recycled paper.

Samsung Origami Printer


Staple Free Stapler-It cost as much as a regular stapler and you don’t have to buy staples. Reducing waste, one staple at a time.

Staple Free Stapler



Reusing/Recycling your Ink Cartridges-Most office supply stores have bins that let you recycle your old ink cartridges. And you can always take your empty cartridges and get them refilled professionally (or do it yourself but it looks pretty intense). But before you recycle it or throw it away, double check to make sure it is totally empty. Hopefully you have seen this LifeHack but if not then you’re welcome.

Resetting Ink Cartridge


Water Filtration System-this is something easy for  maintenance to install and saves money for the company and employees. Employees won’t need to buy water bottles and the company won’t have to pay for water cooler refills. Win, Win!


Plants-NASA did an official study on the top 10 air purifying plants for home and office. The Areca Palm was number one but that thing is huge so unless you’re CEO you probably don’t have room for it at your cubicle. The Rubber Plant and Peace Lily might be better suited for your desk.

Desk Plant