Fitness Planner – DIY Fitness and Exercise Planner

Make a fitness planner

Holiday season is just around the corner and we all know what that means…holiday food! Between the mounds of creamy appetizers and sweet treats at holiday parties, it can be difficult sticking to your precisely planned diet and workout regimen. Luckily, we have just the solution to avoid holiday weight gain… a DIY fitness planner

Materials Needed for Your Fitness Planner

  • Binder
  • Sheet Protectors
  • Dividers (optional)
  • Magazines
  • Scissors

This is also a great opportunity to clean out your magazine collection. If you have fitness or health magazines lying around these will come in handy while organizing your fitness binder. You can always use print outs from the internet if you don’t have magazines.

fitness magazines

Decide what articles and tips you want to keep in your planner and cut them out. Look for things like recipes, workout tips or general wellness advice.

Once you have finished cutting out all of your magazine or internet articles, organize them into categories. The example planner is divided into:

  • Total body workout
  • Upper body workout
  • Core workout
  • Lower body workout
  • Cardio
  • Recipes

You could get more detailed and have specific target areas such as shoulders, back, triceps, etc.


Grab your binder of choice. Samsill makes antimicrobial binders that has a special additive which prevents the growth of bacteria.

Slip your categorized articles into sheet protectors. Samsill Heavy Weight Sheet Protectors make it easy to put papers in and the ink from your pages won’t transfer.


Label your dividers. You can always print some out if you don’t have dividers or prefer printing.



Top it off with a cover page and your fitness planner is ready to go. This is a great tool to use at the gym or at home while keeping your workouts nice and neat.

Do you have any other ideas or subjects to include in a fitness or exercise planner? What does your fitness binder have in it?