"I Like Big Binders", Samsill Ad Campaign Kicks Off with Rap Remix Video

Samsill debuts its first remix of a classic rap video, “I Like Big Binders”, to promote its industry leading assortment of large capacity three-ring binders.

Samsill Corporation, the world’s leader in large capacity three-ring binders, today announces the release of its “I Like Big Binders” rap remix video to complement its “Big Binder” ad campaign. The overwhelmingly successful Titan 6 inch D-ring binder, the largest binder available on the market, holds over 2.5 reams of paper – that’s 1250 pages and was the inspiration behind the video.

“We are always looking for unique, and in this case humorous, ways to inform and entertain consumers; we feel this video will be one of many to do just that”, said Drew Bowers (AKA Punky Drewster) Director of Marketing for Samsill

Samsill is the leader in large capacity binders and the only manufacturer that offers an assortment of round ring binders from ½” to 5” and D-Ring binders from 1” to 6”. These large capacity binders are offered with several value-added options including Antimicrobial, Biodegradable, Non-Stick and DXL.

The “I Like Big Binders” video with addictive lyrics and a familiar sound can be seen at the Samsill YouTube channel.

Samsill binders are MADE IN THE USA and manufactured in Fort Worth, Texas. In addition to large capacity binders, Samsill also offers over 600 different stock binders to choose from. Samsill is also proud to offer several custom options including screen printed, foil stamped or debossed binders in 34 different colors and endless ink options.

About Samsill Corporation
Samsill Corporation is one of the world’s largest independently owned manufacturers of ring binders, business accessories, laptop and tablet cases, media storage, and sheet protectors. With corporate offices and manufacturing facilities in Fort Worth, TX, Samsill has grown from a small family business to an international corporation serving the office products, consumer electronics, and education markets. For more information, please visit https://www.samsill.com.

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