maintaining your home with a checklist, fall home maintenance, home maintenance binder, binder organization, buying a home

Maintaining Your Home….With a Binder

Becoming a homeowner is a huge stepping stone and accomplishment in life. But then we start realizing all the work and maintenance that goes into keeping your home functioning and eliminating larger, more costly problems. It’s best to break these chores up into seasons. Mainly because there are some things that are better done at certain times of the year.

maintaining your home with a checklist, fall home maintenance, home maintenance binder, binder organization, buying a home

There is a lot of information that you should learn quickly with keeping your home maintained. For example, did you know that you should aerate your lawn? Do you even know what that means?

Whether you are a new homeowner or you need more information on what you should be doing seasonally to maintain your home, we put together a simple binder and free printable checklists to help with the process.


What you will need:


As much as we are transitioning into “less paperwork” and we are more digital, there is still a lot of paperwork when it comes to our homes.

Your home maintenance binder is solely going to be information regarding your home. This includes the maintenance performed, contractors, home insurance, repair receipts, property assessments, paint swatches, etc.

Go around your house and find all the important paperwork regarding your home. Even if it’s something that’s important that doesn’t belong in this certain binder, bring it along. We will continue this home binder series and explain how each binder should be organized.

Depending on which categories works best for your home – create a tab to divide your binder. We divided ours up by maintenance checklist, home insurance, home purchase details, repair receipts, and home updates.

You can add your manuals and warranties to this binder, but we recommend putting those in a separate binder because they are bulky. The warranties and manuals that you may want to include in your home binder would be home upgrade warranties, such as windows, roof, gutters, etc. For manuals, this would be a great location for your AC unit, water heater, etc.

You will probably be surprised at how much paperwork you have and worry that you hadn’t gone through this process sooner.

home paperwork, homeowner, homeowner binder, maintenance binder

We also created a printout that’s perfect for organizing your contractor’s information. Finding contractors can be a painful process and keeping your favorites in a central location will save you time and money. Having this main list also allows other people within the household to hold responsibility in making appointments and knowing who to call if there is an emergency.

handyman checklist, home maintenance, samsill binder, handyman

Not only is it a good idea to keep all these documents together but you will gain time without having to find these documents at random times during the year. Especially if any home update can be a tax write-off.

Having a home maintenance binder is sure to save you time and money.

Is there a way that you keep your household organized? Share with us in the comments below!