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It’s Raining New Arrivals…

When we get new products in, it feels like Christmas around the office. We get even more excited when we finally get to share them with you! We first brought you our new personalized journal…and we had so much fun changing the front cover. Way too much fun in fact. This soon became a staple piece that gets carried around to meetings and on the go.

personalized journal samsill

We started really playing around with our next product and love everything that you can do with it.

Drum roll please…..

We bring you our new Softcover Notebook Journal. This isn’t your everyday, ordinary journal but has a padded faux leather cover and pockets to hold your tablet and other odds and ends! We understand the love that comes with having a journal. A journal keeps our brain sharp and organized in many different ways, whether that be daily to-do lists or grocery lists, free writing, short and long term goals, or drawing and doodling.

But there is much more to all of that than a journal. It is everything else we need along our journey that contributes to our journal entries. For example, our electronics, important documents, or other inspirations that we need with us as well.

Let’s tell you a little more about this beauty…

padded journal notebook samsill

Look at that beautiful stitching! The faux leather gives the look of beautiful Napa leather without the costly price tag. And…the elastic band strap that ensures everything inside stays secure and won’t fall out.

As you can see above, this new journal comes in two different sizes! The one on the left is fits tablet sizes up to 7.9 inches and the one on the right fits up to 10.1 inches.

padded journal notebook samsill

And you won’t ever have to look for a pen again with the built in pen strap.

padded journal notebook samsill

Each soft padded cover comes with a journal that can easily be removed to refill or replaced with a sketchbook for the artist lover.

Tell us how you plan on using our new Softcover Notebook Journal! 


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