Office Hacks

With a little inspiration from web searches and some problem-solving of my own, here is a round-up of a few office hacks to make office life a little more bearable.


Coffee filter as a computer screen cleaner

Dust Computer Screen with Coffee Filter

Surely your office has a coffee machine and hopefully not a Keurig. Just borrow a coffee filter if your computer monitor gets dirty.

Binder clip cord holder

Binder Clip Cord Saver

 To keep those pesky cords from falling behind your desk, use a large binder clip and place the cord through it. You’ll never have to search for fallen cords again.


 Cups as coffee timer

Coffee Cup Timer

 Ever wonder about office coffee and how long it’s been sitting there. If you take two Styrofoam cups and make a “timer” out of them you won’t have to guess again. Stack them on top of each other and write the times on the lip of one and an arrow on the other.

Velcro Calculator

Velcro Calculator

Most cubicle walls are made from fabric that Velcro adheres pretty easily to. You can do this with any office supply that you regularly use and want quick access to. Cut a piece of the hook part of the Velcro and stick it on the back of which ever office supply you use.

Push pin cord holder

Office Hack Cord Keeper

Stick two push pins on your cubicle wall small enough so when your cord is wound up, it won’t slip through.

Command desk hook

Command Hook

Command hooks are really a great idea. The one above is used underneath a desk to get computer cords off the floor. But you can also use it to tuck away purses or headphones.

Binder clip headphone hook

Headphone Rack

If you rather your headphones be in plain sight, you can create a hook to hang them on your cubicle. Take a binder clip and rubber band. Wrap the rubber band around the sliver part of the binder clip so it won’t fall apart. Adhere it to your wall and you’re good to go.

Office smartphone volume booster

DIY iPhone Speaker

This toilet paper roll doubles as a speaker for smart phones. You can find the instructions on how to make it here.

Post-It cleaner

Post It Cleaner

Who needs compressed air when you have Post-Its you are about to throw away. Run the sticky part through the spaces on your keyboard. You’d be surprised how much it gets out.

Do you have any great ideas on how to make office life easier? What are your “office hacks”?