Office Health Series: Healthy Office Snacks

I think we can safely say that working in an office environment isn’t the healthiest thing to be doing 8+ hours a day. Various studies have shown that sitting for hours is terrible for your health and some are going as far as calling it the new smoking. Top that off with a vending machine diet and that is a recipe for disaster. In this three part work health series we discuss healthy office snacks, easy exercise routines and different seating positions in the office.

Healthy Office Snacks

How many times have you hit that 3pm slump and the only thing to get you through is the vending machine? You can’t focus on work then all you have to get you on track is a sugar rush. Here are a few snacks that are my favorite mini desk meals. Plus, these are easy to transport, aren’t too crunchy and loud and don’t smell up the office (if you’ve ever searched ideas for healthy work snacks, tuna comes up a lot).


Instead of a candy bar, try fruit. Bananas, oranges and apples are an easy grab-and-go snack. Dried fruit is also a good option. Just be wary of portion sizes.

 Healthy Office Snacks Fruit

String cheese

Cheese is a great addition to an afternoon fruit snack. Try it with a Granny Smith apple and you’ll get fiber, protein and calcium.


Trail mix

The healthiest trail mix you can have is the kind you make yourself. Many pre-packaged mixes have all sorts of candy and items with corn syrup. Plus, you can cater your mix to your wants and needs.

Trail Mix


Half an avocado and this makes for a satisfying afternoon snack.



Although nuts can add calories to your daily intake pretty quickly, they provide many health benefits. Whichever one you decide, make sure they are plain and unsalted.


Dark Chocolate

If you can’t stand fruit but love sweets, dark chocolate is a pretty good alternative.

Air Popped popcorn

Don’t you hate it when people burn popcorn and it smells up the entire office? Air-pop popcorn at home so you can avoid this and it’s easier to divide into plastic bags for the week.


 Healthy Office Snacks Popcorn


Protein bars

Homemade protein bars are easy to make and you won’t have to worry about all of the artificial ingredients the pre-made ones have.

Homemade Protein Bars