Office Health Series: Office Workouts

Continuing with the office health series, it’s often hard to find time to work out your muscles when you’re always doing work at your desk. Studies have shown that sitting for longer than 30 minutes places unhealthy stress on your spine. Taking a quick 3-5 minute break to get up and move around helps with circulation to your muscles. And you may not have an office with a door so we found a few exercises that you can do in the comfort of your cubicle without being seen.

Chair squats

You’re basically doing the motion anyway, why not sneak in a few more for a great strength exercise

Office Workouts: Chair Squats

Office Chair Abs

if you replace your normal office chair with an exercise ball, you are forcing your abs to work to hold yourself in position. Plus it works your core and takes stress off your lower back

Office Workouts: Stability Ball Chair

Water bottle curls

You can always bring a dumbbell to work with you but a water bottle is a great substitute and less obvious.

Office Workouts: Water Bottle Curls



Other waterbottle workouts you can do:

Front arm raises

Overhead press


Calf raises

Multitask by reading emails while strengthening your calves and ankles with calf raises. Stand and hold onto your chair then raise up on your toes.

Office Workouts: Calf Raises