Office Supply Art

Binders aren’t the only thing you can upcycle. These amazing office products have been transformed from boring items that help you get your work done into pieces of art. Take a look at a few examples that we have found.


Keyboard Horse

This horse is made out of more than 18,000 recycled computer keys! Created by Babis Panagiotidis, the piece is modeled after the ancient Greek Trojan Horse. It is valued at almost $100,000.


Pencil Tip Sculpture

Dalton Ghetti from New York sculpts the lead of pencils without a magnifying glass. It often takes years just to finish one piece.


Pushpin Portrait

You would never guess this Michigan artist only uses five different color pushpins to make these detailed portraits. Eric Daigh uses over 11,000 pushpins for one portrait.


Staple Art

This French artist has spent years perfecting his unique technique of manipulating staples into detailed interpretations of classic paintings. Baptiste Debombourg first introduced his staple art with a mural that consisted of 450,00 staples and took 340 hours to construct.


Paperclip Sculptures

Pietro D’Angelo started these paperclip creations in 2002. The life-size sculptures are made by a wire frame and large amounts of paperclips.