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How to Organize your Date Night

We have all been there, trying to plan a nice date night but getting the kid(s) organized can be a battle all in itself. Sometimes being so stressful that it is just easier to get a bottle of wine, order a pizza and call it a night at home. That is all about to change because YOU deserve to go out for a night! If you haven’t started organizing your life with a binder, now is the time to start! Or if you already an organizational system these printables are an easy addition.

Weather you plan on being gone for a date night or for a couple of days, getting organized for a babysitter or nanny is important and will leave you less stressed when you’re away! These four free printables will work for date night, daycare, nannies, and that’s just to name a few.

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while we’re out printables

Let the babysitter or nanny know everything you do! You cannot fill this page with enough information or phone numbers. For some reason if you do not have, or hear your cell phone having the information of where you will be is necessary in an emergency. The other section of this print out allows you to put your kid(s) information in one spot. Perfect for letting someone know if there is a peanut allergy that they need to be aware of or any medications that need to be administered at a certain time. To anyone it might come as second nature to call 911 in an emergency, but having each emergency contact phone number in one handy spot can help decrease chaos or save a life.

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Kids will take advantage of babysitters or nanny, “well my mom let’s me do this….” is a common phrase that somehow is so easy for kids to refer to. For that situation spell EVERYTHING out! Everything from their schedule to the rules that you have in place. The schedule sheet would also be perfect for babies and toddlers that go to daycare.

The ‘where to find’ free print is essential. Let your babysitter or nanny know exactly where the first aid kit is or where those coloring books are located. Creating this page can even come in handy for yourself if you have a moment and can’t remember where something is placed!


Tell us how you organize for your babysitter or if you have used these printouts show us with #SamsillOrganization

For these free printables click here

If you are starting your organization journey start your yearly organized binder here!

Items used: Speedy Spine Binder, Non-Glare Sheet Protectors 

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