How to Organize Manuals and Warranties

If you haven’t already put together a manual/warranty binder, you will be asking yourself why you haven’t done it sooner. A manual/warranty binder is perfect way to start your home organization. We put together a simple and easy solution to getting organized and knowing where each manual and warranty is. We put together a DIY warranty and manual binder that will help you get your house back in order.

What You Need:

2” Samsill Binder

Samsill Non-Glare Sheet Protectors

Scrapbook Paper (optional)


Gather all of your manuals. And I mean ALL of them. Go searching through your entire house, you will find some in places you would have never thought of. This also helps with de-cluttering!

Then you will want to put all your manuals into certain categories. We used home, outdoors, and kitchen. Some other categories that may work for you include: kids toys, bathroom, laundry room, appliances, garage, furniture, tech gadgets, etc.

Get your labels and sheet protectors and start stuffing your binder!

Then you will want to download our free cover and spine insert to label your binder. These will print out for the right sizing of your binder.  If you want to personalize your binder a step further, like we did, cut out the words and glue them onto your favorite scrapbook paper.

Manual Front Cover

Manual Spine Insert

One thing to keep in mind is if you still have the receipt staple that to the manual or put it in the same sheet protector. Another tip that you may want to keep in mind is to photocopy the receipt and put everything in the sheet protector. The ink on the receipt paper can fade away over time.

Now you have another binder to add to your collection of organization! What organization binder would you like to see?


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