Home Management Binder – Organizing Warranties, Manuals and Documents into a Household Binder

Anytime you buy an electronic device, appliance, expensive bag or pretty much anything these days an owner’s manual, assembly instructions, warranty information come with it. We will call them “manuals” just to shorten the list. If you are like most folks you get totally overwhelmed with storing these manuals and end up throwing them in the back of a drawer or on a desk to file later. When the day comes that you need to find one you dread fishing through all of those not-so-neatly-stored manuals just hoping to actually find it.


Last week we posted lots of great ideas for things to do with ring binders so this week we thought we would take a look a little deeper into one of these projects to see how it turned out. One of our employees here at Samsill decided to create a home management binder using our 3-ring binders and sheet protectors and here is her project.

Hi everyone, here is my journey to a creating household binder and a more organized way of storing my manuals.

I had previously chosen to file all of these papers in a filing cabinet thinking that would be the most organized way to handle the mess but I quickly learned that the weight of the manuals, the different sizes created quite a file cabinet disaster.  It was hard to rifle through and find exactly what I was looking for so I decided it was time for a new method of organization.

Here is the mess in all it’s glory!



I decided to find a large D-ring binder and filled it with a bunch of sheet protectors.

I choose D-Ring because it helps everything lay flat and also hold up to 25% more than a round ring binder.

large d ring binder for home management

Since I won’t be hiding it away in a filing cabinet I wanted it to look fun and pretty on the shelf of my office closet so I created these graphics.

You can download them here if you want to use them as well.

cover of my home management binder

So anytime you get a new item just drop the papers into a sheet protector in your home management binder
and you will never have to dread the search for manuals or warranties again!

Fully organized household binder

household binder 2

The official before and after:

before and after project

Do you have a home management binder or household binder?

What do you think of ours?
Leave a comment below!