What is a Padfolio and Why You Need One

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You have probably seen a padfolio on your favorite TV show, or a professor in your college class carries one, or maybe you’ve seen your parents have one for work. But this professional business accessory has never crossed your mind until now. Now that you are adding to your professional business attire.

A padfolio is a mix between a binder and a wallet. Two things you should be familiar with. A place to organize all your important papers, while having all your other accessories in the palm of your hand (tablet, pens, jump drives, business cards, etc.).

A padfolio is an essential piece to anyone’s wardrobe. That statement piece that you always have when you need it, like a black dress or a nice suit. An accessory you may not use every day but one that when you need it you will have it available.

Here are 5 examples of when you would need to pull out this essential accessory.

  1. College

Depending on your major in college, a padfolio may come in handy sooner in life for some people than others. Once you gear up for the last classes of your college career, some of those are going to prepare you for the real world. For example, if you are a law student, a padfolio is perfect to have during mock trials.

  1. Job Interviews

Maybe you didn’t have a chance to use a padfolio in college, but now it’s time you will need one for a job interview.

Especially with the workforce having such a high level of competition, a person must think about all the small things. And one of those small things is being organized and looking professional. There is nothing more that says “I’m professional” like pulling out your resume from a stylish padfolio. As well as your business card, cover letter, portfolio, etc.

  1. Business Meetings

Don’t worry you won’t just use your padfolio only for a job interview, it will carry with you throughout your career. For example, all those business meetings that will soon fill your calendar. There’s nothing worse than arriving at a meeting and not being organized or having all your ducks in a row. Make sure you are prepared for a meeting and know what will be covered. You padfolio will be an essential piece of your organization process.

  1. Presentations

A presentation is similar to a business meeting but if you are the one giving the presentation, more eyes are on you. Which means people will also be looking at how you present yourself. You would never give a presentation looking unprofessional and sloppy, would you? Not to mention that confidence boost you will get for looking and feeling your best.

  1. Business Travel

Your new job may require some traveling. Business travel should be treated, (if not more professionally) than a business meeting. Keep all your documents safe and secure. This is especially helpful if you have a long flight ahead of you. Instead of digging around in your bag, all your important work information will be in one place.


How will you use a padfolio?



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