Paper Organization with Nikki

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There is a lot of organizing that goes into keeping kids organized. This paper organization project, from

Nikki with Carry Grace, goes through organizing kids and school work. Whether you are homeschooling or not, these paper organizational tips are for you!

Nikki goes through where she stores all of her paper for her homeschool room. It’s a medium-sized cube storage area, full of papers stacked on top of each other. When Nikki said she needed help with this area, we knew exactly what to send her.

We sent her the Samsill DUO and binders because they are affordable yet perfect for any type of paper organization project.

Frist Nikki goes through what her plans are for the DUO. And we loved it! She planned on using the accordion part for the testing answer booklets along with graded tests. She then was going to use the extra pocket she had for tests that needed to be graded.

The binders were going to be divided between her two kiddos. And with the remaining two she used for paper storage, and important papers.

Check out her video as she shows you step by step on how to organize your paper mess.