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A Trip to Pittsburgh – NAPO Conference Review

When we decided to make our second return to the NAPO conference we were so excited to travel to Pittsburgh, Pennslyvania and meet everyone that we have only met once, or only through the internet. We couldn’t wait to show off our new products and ideas that haven’t even launched and hit the market yet.

So we packed our bags and headed North.

Samsill going to NAPO

One of the best parts of Pittsburgh (in our opinion) is the “door to the city”, Fort Pitt Tunnel. Leaving the airport, the scenery is dull with some mountains and then you come to a tunnel. On the other side of this tunnel is Pittsburgh. The scenery explodes with yellow bridges, large skyscrapers, and the football and baseball stadium.


We had to get straight to work as we arrived at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center. This picture was taken before the craziness of meeting all the NAPO members. And the last time the tables had everything in its place.

Samsill National Organization of Professional Organizers

We loved that everyone wanted to interact and touch our products! We got to answer so many great questions and come up with new ideas in the process.

Samsill National Organization of Professional Organizers

Photo captured by Organizing Solutions

Samsill National Organization of Professional Organizers

We even met people that have used and loved our products just as much as we do. The most favorite product, by far, was our DUO and TRIO.

Samsill DUO

Photo captured by Order Out of Chaos

We have thought of ways to use this product but hearing how all the professional organizers use it was anything short of brilliant. Everything from helping those with ADHD to organizing client files. We also listened to what we could change to make this product better. We are currently taking all those improvements and looking forward to launching our revamped product very soon.

We also got a lot of questions as to where you can purchase the DUO and TRIO. We are located on Amazon. Here are the links to take you directly there: DUOTRIO

samsill amazon


We mentioned earlier that we brought new products we haven’t even launched to the public yet. We were so excited to finally show our prototypes to other people outside of our office walls. We have been working vigorously making new Pop n’ Store boxes and have THREE BRAND NEW ONES!

samsill popnstore boxes


The fan favorite ended up being the new file box.

Samsill Popnstore file box

samsill popnstore file box

This box was created with the intention of having a decorative desk accent but allowing your desk to stay clean and organized with file inserts. All other file box systems are open and your files are still seen. Ours includes a lid that fits right out the file prongs.

We also brought along our smaller storage box and our larger cube box.

samsill popnstore box

samsill popnstore box

samsill popnstore box

samsill popnstore box


Be on the lookout for a big product launch coming soon. For now, all of our other amazing boxes are available on Amazon.