DIY Recipe Binder

Thanksgiving is next week and you might be feeling overwhelmed and unorganized if you are preparing dinner. You probably have a stack of recipes from Pinterest, magazines, and family members and trying to shuffle through them all. Recipe binders are perfect for storing loss papers, it is easily accessible, helps with meal planning, and it looks beautiful on a shelf! We put together an easy DIY recipe binder that will help you organize your life.

Shopping List:

Step 1: After you have gotten all your supplies, print out or create templates to fill in your recipe binder.

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Printable Templates

cooking-substitutions Cooking Substitutions PDF

Conversion Table PDF

Recipe Spine

Step 2: Fill your binder with sheet protectors and put all the templates in a protector. Cut the ‘recipe’ spine insert and place that accordingly.

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Step 3: Insert your tabs or make your own. For our recipe binder, we made our own.


All you need to do it cut out enough rectangles for all the tabs you need. We used scrapbook paper. Then we super glued one piece of paper to the other and then super glued the tap onto the sheet protector. Hold the tab onto the sheet protector to make sure the two pieces are glued together.

(We had a little more fun and added the gold scrapbook paper to the flowers on all the printable’s.)

Step 4: Fill your recipe binder with all the recipes!




A recipe binder is also the perfect gift for a newlywed, college student, and holiday gift.

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