Road Trip Binder

Summer is here!! Well…almost. At least in Texas it feels like summer. You probably already have your summer vacation planned out and what screams “summer!!” more than a roadtrip? Here in the good ol’ state of Texas, the coast is a popular destination for families during summer but it’s still about 5-7 hours away from Dallas. 5-7 hours in the car with bored kids can be brutal so I decided to put together some ideas to keep them entertained. Plus FREE printables!!


I used a Samsill Two-Tone Binder for the fun colors. But with kids using it, the Antimicrobial binder would also be a great alternative. They probably won’t understand distance but it’s nice to have a visual. You can print off your journey on Google Maps and include it.


First is a Tic Tac Toe board. Pretty simple but can get kind of boring fast.


Next we have Road Trip Bingo. There are three different Bingo Cards below to use so it won’t be the same each time.


I also put these in sheet protectors so you can reuse them. By using post-it tabs or dry erase markers (which might be better for older kids).


The License Plate game is pretty fun and surprising how many different license plates you can find in one state. Just imagine if you’re going cross-country.


MrPrintables has some great free printable games that you can stick in their binder too.


Last is a short itinerary of your trip by day. You can customize this however you would like. You can add specifics such as time and place or even things to look for. If you are going further than just the same state, you can also add what place you being and where you end each day.


There are many other things you can include in this binder to make the kid’s trip more enjoyable. Different worksheets and coloring pages are a few options. You can also add in words of the day and give them tickets whenever they hear you say the word. Those tickets can be redeemed for souvenirs along the way. If you don’t mind your kids playing on the iPad, you can stick that in the front pocket to keep everything in one place and protected. Like in this blog post. Enjoy!


Tic Tac Toe

Road Trip Bingo 1

Road Trip Bingo 2

Road Trip Bingo 3

License Plate Game

Road Trip Binder Cover Page

Day 1 Itinerary

Day 2 Itinerary