Save Time and Create a Homework Station

Remember last year when the kids would sit down and do their homework and some of those times they needed extra materials or tools to complete their homework? Then that turns into time wasted trying to gather up materials.

Stop wasting time this year and create a homework station! You will find that this is a popular topic of discussion when it comes to organizing for back to school.

What you will need to do is first designate an area of your home where the kids will do their homework. When looking at your space, think about which organizational system would work for you and your family.

But first, here’s what we did. We grabbed a medium square Pop n’ Store box which was large enough to put extra school supplies in. It was the perfect size to fit extra paper and all the essentials that would be needed for completing homework assignments. This is a simple way to create a designated area for supplies, that can also be portable if needed.

*Depending on the age of your kids, can also change what type of extra materials you place in your box*

When you’re back to school shopping grab a few extra items while such as pencils, markers, paper, staples, tape, highlighters, glue, etc. Other items to consider: three-hole punch, stapler, tape dispenser, file folders, extra printer ink, construction paper, etc.

You can go really simple with this process – or more elaborate. Whatever works for your household and time restraints.homework station, popnstore, decorative storage, back to school ideas, back to school supplies, homework

How do you stay organized during the school year?