Six Ways to Use Binders to Organize the School Year

Binders are on every back to school list. And the possibilities of organizing with these tools is endless. We put together our favorite ways in which you can make binder organization a little more fun for your students through the school year.


Organize Art

Do you ever find yourself at the end of the school year with piles of art, writing pieces, or milestone papers from the entire school year? This year start a different process that will eliminate mounds of papers from a year’s worth of school.  Create a school binder for each kid. Get a binder and fill it with empty sheet protectors. That way if there is something that your child wants to size, it goes straight into the binder.

It’s also fun to use the free printables for each kid to fill out at the beginning and end of the school year!

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Organize Subjects

Michael Tipper, a public speaker on mind mapping, states, “Separating “branches” of your map by color, stimulates the creative side of your brain, helps you visually separate and recall distinct themes of the stuff you’re working through, and encourages you to map through even boring topics that seem cut-and-dry.”

This is why in Samsill’s blog post about coordinating student subjects with binders is helpful. Your student will know what color belongs to each subject, making life not only easier from them but for you as well.

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Organizing Homeschool

There is a lot of paperwork that goes into homeschooling kids. Do you ever feel overwhelmed when you’re trying to keep your kids organized but at the same time you can’t keep yourself organized?

Whether you homeschool or a mom trying to keep all the paperwork together, Nikki shows you how to organize just that in this great video!

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Organizing Homework

Are your kid’s grades slipping? Or the teacher is constantly trying to get in touch with you regarding homework? Using the DUO system will hopefully tackle this inconvenience for you but also teach your kids the importance of maintaining their own paperwork and responsibilities.

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Organize Yourself

It’s no secret that maintaining the loads of paperwork that kids bring home is no joke. By keeping yourself more organized with a few manageable steps you can create the best school year ever.

The parent back to school binder has everything from step by step instructions to free printables to help you look at a month view of commitments all the way to organizing each individual week.

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Homeschool Answer Key Organization

If you homeschool, you probably know the struggles of grading test papers and keeping everything organized. Becky put together a system where each answer key for each subject is all in one place.

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How do you organize for back to school?