Our Position
At Samsill Corporation, we believe that sustainable business is the key to good business and a successful future. In striving to do business in an environmentally, economically, and socially conscious way, Samsill Corporation is binding the company’s employees and customers to the world for a better future.

Our Philosophy
Our goal is not only to produce product that is environmentally friendly and resource-conscious, but to operate all aspects of our company in a way that improves our customer’s, employee’s, shareholder’s, and community’s quality of life now and in the future. For over 30 years, recycling has been a part of our manufacturing practice. As advances in science and technology provide new means of recycling and renewable resources, Samsill will strive to adapt these advances to our business operations and adopt those which will continuously improve our sustainability practices.

Our Commitment
Samsill Corporation has committed to partner with companies who have environmental initiatives. Teaming with sustainable companies allows the Samsill family to combine similar goals and objectives to create an end product that is environmentally friendly and economically affordable. Current suppliers provide Samsill with recycled packaging content, printing with soy based inks on unbleached boards, and 100% recycled paperboard. These products and efforts keep energy costs down and create a stronger product, while reducing the use of harmful chemicals. Additionally, Samsill has redesigned packaging and shipping materials to eliminate waste while saving overhead and production costs.

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