Teacher Appreciation Chalkboard Binder

This week is teacher appreciation week. They work so hard so why not show a little appreciation for a week? This quick and easy DIY can be included in a school supplies basket or just as a small gift. I took a Samsill Raw Binder and Chalkboard paint (which is really hot right now) and just painted the binder with the Chalkboard paint. You can write on it or draw a picture on it just like any chalkboard.


Samsill Raw Binder

Chalkboard Paint




This requires almost zero prep work. All you have to do is gather your supplies and peel off the spine label from the binder.


Then start painting. Blue is what I had on hand but you can use whatever color you’d like.


If you want to use other decorations, you can tape off a small section to paint then decorate the rest of the binder with markers, Washi tape, stickers, etc. If you decide to paint the whole thing, it might be a good idea to tape off the inside or just be careful painting. Mine leaked to the inside.


I applied two coats just to make sure everything was covered. I also let it dry overnight just to be safe. Now, you can start writing!