The Best NYC Coffee Shops to Work Out Of

You’re visiting New York on business. You’ve booked a hotel and arranged to meet that friend from college. Naturally, you’re bringing your laptop to finish those reports for work. The only question is where can you plug in your computer to knuckle down to some hard graft?

Sure, there’s the public library, but libraries are never open when you need them. And, besides, they serve the worst coffee. What you really need is one of the new breed of laptop-friendly cafes currently doing the rounds in NYC: drinking establishments designed to cater for today’s nomadic out-of-office existence.

What all these joints have in common is a relaxing ambience, great coffee and free Wi-Fi.

Just make sure you follow these two simple steps:

  • Buy food or drink for every hour of space you take up
  • Be willing to share your table with other customers

Here are our favorite NYC cafes to work out of:

Red Horse Café

497 Sixth Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11215


There may be a lot of cafes in the Park Slope area, but few can beat this bohemian gem just off the beaten track. Run by self-proclaimed coffee geeks, Red Horse is a quiet little place with free Wi-Fi and more than its fair share of college students using it as a study lounge. It must be something to do with the comfy chairs and yummy pastries. A great place to while away an afternoon.

Beans and Berries

2038 Eastchester Rd, Bronx

In an area where good coffee shops are few and far between, Beans and Berries stands out like a bright beacon of caffeinated hope in the Bronx. This understated joint has become the go-to place for local residents looking to bathe in the glow of their laptops. If you’ve had enough caffeine already, they also do a fine line in healthy veggie snacks and organic teas.

Café Grumpy Greenpoint

193 Meserole Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11222


Those who take coffee as seriously as their wine should head to the famous Café Grumpy in Greenpoint. Did you know that these coffee connoisseurs hand-roast their own beans out the back? Laptop-dependent workers will be pleased to know that the original and most spacious Grumpy branch is often as quiet as a library, meaning you can zone out on your projects. There aren’t too many power outlets, though, so charge up before you go.

Birch Coffee

5 East 27th Street, New York, NY 10016


Over in Manhattan, Birch Coffee serves just as good a latte as Grumpy, but with the addition of grilled cheese sandwiches to die for. Don’t be put off by the slightly rowdy downstairs. Productive workers can head to the “library” for some uninterrupted quiet time. Here you’ll find an enthusiastic crowd of laptop lurkers making the most of plentiful tables and power sockets. Just be aware that you only get an hour’s Wi-Fi with each purchase, so spread your drinks and snacks out evenly through the afternoon.