Things to do with Ring Binders

Ring binders can be great everyday organizing tools. There are many more uses for ring binders than just organizing school papers and storing presentations. Here is a list of a few uncommon uses for 3-ring binders:

things to do with ring binders

Household management-this can contain as much or as little information as you desire. Some tab ideas could include school info, emergency contact info, babysitting notes, business card holder, auto maintenance and important dates.

Organize your finances-keep track of monthly bills, receipts, debt repayment, and budgets. Organizing everything throughout the year will make tax season less hectic.

DVD storage-grab some DVD sleeve pages and a few binders of your choice and start arranging. If you are feeling extra crafty you can create a log in/log out sheet of movies or use dividers to alphabetize. Depending on the size of your movie collection, this has the potential to outgrow a small binder. Samsill makes a large D-ring binder that will make it easy to flip through your collection.

Travel entertainment kit-this is perfect for children during road trips. You can fill with all sorts of activities such as coloring pages, road trip bingo, and other games.


Fitness-Instead of searching through all of your fitness magazines for a workout tip, make a fitness binder. It can hold all of the exercises, health tips and recipes that you find online or from magazines.

fitness binder

Holiday-a binder can make your holiday season less stressful. It would be excellent for arranging decorating ideas, holiday gift tracking, menus, and party planning.


Wedding Planning-instead of purchasing a pre-made planning book, make your own. This way you can customize it to your personal style. Plus, it will be a nice keepsake for later.

Since there are many ways to use binders other than for school or work, does this inspire you to find something creative to do with a binder? What are some other unique ideas you can think of?