Titan 6″ – World’s Largest Binder

Titan 6 inch Locking D-Ring Binders


Heavy Duty Clean Touch Locking D-Ring Reference Binder
Protected by Antimicrobial Additive

  • Holds 1250 pages, 2.5 reams of paper
  • Promotes cleaner schools, offices, homes, and hospitals with built in protection
  • Fights against the growth of bacteria, mold, fungus, and mildew with Agion’s all natural additive
  • Does not wear off. Fights for the life of the binder
  • Agion’s additive is based on silver (not nanosilver) – Nature’s Antimicrobial
  • Agion has global registrations including EPA and FDA
  • Lifetime Product Guarantee – A Binders for Life™ product
SAM-16330 1″ Black
SAM-16350 1.5″ Black
SAM-16360 2″ Black
SAM-16380 3″ Black
SAM-16390 4″ Black
SAM-16300 5″ Black
SAM-16302 5″ Blue
SAM-16320 6″ Black
SAM-16322 6″ Blue

Titan Antimicrobial Reference Binders

Heavy Duty Non-Stick Locking D-Ring View Binder

  • Print won’t stick to cover or pockets
  • Clear overlay to customize front, back and spine
  • Acid-free and archival safe
  • Heavy duty material and chipboard
  • Holds 1250 pages, 2.5 reams of paper
SAM-16437 1″ White
SAM-16457 1.5″ White
SAM-16467 2″ White
SAM-16480 3″ Black
SAM-16487 3″ White
SAM-16490 4″ Black
SAM-16497 4″ White
SAM-16400 5″ Black
SAM-16407 5″ White
SAM-16420 6″ Black
SAM-16427 6″ White

Titan Non-Stick View Binders