Top 12 Amazon Gifts for Anyone Graduating

So, you know someone moving on to the next step in their lives. Whether that be just graduating high school and going into the workforce or college. Maybe they are graduating college and already applying for their first big job. Instead of gifting them money or gift cards (which they will probably still love and appreciate) here are a few items that we put together that they will need and probably won’t want to spend their own money to purchase.

These 12 gifts will help your new grad move into the next phase of life.



A padfolio is an accessory that your grad will carry with them through their entire business career. Starting from with their first job interview, through all their future business meetings.

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Promising Review: “Very Nice Padfolio. It is well made and is just what I wanted. I had a plastic one that cracked at the fold. I paid almost as much for it as I did for this leather one. I would recommend this to someone looking for a nice padfolio at a reasonable price.” – WhatMeThinks

Price: $19.95


Or a more chic padfolio for a more girly touch to the business world.

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Promising Review: “Very nice looking padfolio. Slim and easy to carry. Can keep business cards, pen, legal pad etc very handy when walking across campus for meetings.” – Mary AlexanderConte

Price: $14.99


Fancy pen

Not only will this fancy pen come in handy when your grad needs to write those hand-written thank you notes after their interviews, but this just adds to their product line that will keep them prepared for anything.

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Promising Review: “Color is as ordered, size is compact when closed, perfect for pocket carry. When the cap in placed on the back of the pen it’s nearly the same size as standard ballpoint pen (see pics provided), width is just a little larger making for a perfect fit. There are grooved ridges towards the tip of the pen to ensure a good grip while writing. Operation and print from the ink cartridge is effortless. Hands down a great pen and would surely buy again.” – D. Genovese

Price: $18.64


Thank you Notes

Teaching your grad the importance of either writing a thank you note or sending an email thanking a manager for their time, will set them apart from everyone else entering the workforce.

Promising Review: “I purchased these cards for thank you notes to my co-workers. They are of excellent quality. The card stock is thick and the ones I bought have a subtle abstract square texture, barely seen, which renders the cards more luxurious. The writing of the “Thank you” message is elegant, and they come with pre-sealed envelopes. There is plenty of space to write. If you like simple cards, without embellishments, you will be satisfied with these ones. I would definitely recommend them.” – KM

Price: $13.85



Make sure your grad is prepared with all the essentials, such as a printer. While they are looking for jobs they will need an easy way to print off their resumes, cover letters, and portfolio pieces. Throw in some extra ink in their gift, because we all know it’s not cheap.

Promising Review: “I just purchased this printer. I was hesitant because I have a Mac and another reviewer said the printer would not work. Additionally, other reviewers claimed it took 5 hours to set up to print. It took approximately 10-15 minutes to unpack, remove all the tape, plug in, insert the ink, and log into my router. I skipped downloading any of the software and easily found the printer on my wifi. I was printing two minutes later from my Mac and iPhone. Couldn’t have been any easier. I printed a couple of docs in seconds. A full color picture took less than a minute. I haven’t tried to scanning yet, but so far I think this was a great purchase.” – Gabriel

Price: $69.97


Fun Sticky Notes for Their Desk

Sticky notes are fun, but sticky notes with fun sayings on them are more fun!

Promising Review: “I am always writing stuff down so these are great as I can stick to my sidebar of my computer and I now know all the time what I can put off!!” – Sandra E. Nichols

Price: $13.50


Desk lamp

Because having another form of light is great for the health. Research shows that being in a fluorescent-flooded work space brings productivity levels down. Adding brighter lights to your work space has shown to impact productivity and evaluative thinking. With over 1,000 5-star reviews, this desk lamp has it all.

Promising Review: “So this wasn’t what I ordered and if it had some of the features of the one I did I would totally keep it, because this is a very nice desk lamp. It has several light levels and several colors and, as I ran through them all, they were all great. The lamp base has a good weight and will stay upright. The lamp is very adjustable, nice and tall, but absolutely perfect for any desk. I would buy it if the other lamp I wanted doesn’t work out.” – Elm

Price: $39.99


Plant Pots

Having some greenery on a desk also has a lot of benefits. Such as cleaner air, improved health, and increased productivity. Grab these cute pots and a few plants for the perfect office desk addition.

Promising Review: “These are perfect for my mini succulents! I love the white ceramic and the bamboo base. It’s clean and adorably round. I knew they were mini when I purchased. they really are quite small which is what I was looking for.” – Maui

Price: $14.95


Office Coffee Mug

Everyone needs a coffee mug whether they decide to use it for coffee or tea, it’s a nice accessory to have available. Throw in a cute coaster, or coffee heater.

Promising Review: “Great mugs. Big. High quality.” – Mike M.

Price: $14.99



There’s no explanation as to why this is a good idea. It just is.

Promising Review: “Perfect if you have to go to a restaurant and your body needs to evacuate to make room for all that food you just ate. If you are traveling, you might get one dose. But it’s great if you are in a jam and at someone’s place. Just make sure the cap is on tight :)” – Spiceybiscuit

Price: $6.45


Exercise Ball Chair

Numerous articles have come out saying that sitting is the new smoking. At least if a person is sitting, it’s not so hard on their back with an exercise ball for a chair. If you want a cheaper alternative, just an exercise ball will work just as well!

Promising Review: “I am a 7-4 Monday-Friday paper pusher that’s sits behind a desk all day. And have my own business that requires more sitting, in front of my computer at home. Needless to say I do a lot of sitting and my chiropractor is very aware of this and recommended that I try sitting on an exercise ball. Bought one, too small for sitting at a desk but loved it anyway. I noticed the difference right away. Surched for a bigger ball and found this chair. The mixed reviews made me nervous about purchasing but took the chance anyway, so happy I did. I purchased one for my home office loved it so much that I bought a second one for work office. Both chairs were exactly like the picture, took minutes to put together and the balls inflated just fine (if you have ever inflated an exercise ball before you know that they stretch so you might have to adjust to your liking). I would and have recommended this chair to others. I am 5.2″ and 110lb for picture reference.” – The Ricos

Price: $72.95



Journaling is a continually growing organization method. This perfect gift can be used for to-do lists, scheduling, writing, and so much more.

samsill journal, journal, antique journal

Promising Review: “AMAZING notebook. Pages are high quality and the cover is exactly as expected.” Michael S. DeHaven

Price: $12.99


If you have any gift ideas that you’ve either received or gifted yourself, tell us in the comments!