What’s in Your Bag

Altego’s newly released Channel Stitched Ruby series and Coated Canvas Cyan series laptop cases lend themselves to a variety of users from mobile workers, daily commuters, medical professionals to  on-the-go parents.

So we asked a few users What’s in Your Bag?  Here are some of the pictures we got.

“I’m a female and yes I prefer to carry a laptop backpack, it allows my hands to be free and the weight of the bag to be centered which is necessary since my laptop is a 17” – 7lbs all on its own. Since I live an hour+ from work I commute with all I could need in a day.  Of course my laptop and power cord are a given but I also carry a USB mouse just in case the traffic is too heavy I can stop and work mid commute and wait out that nasty traffic.  My Kindle and ear buds are a personal entertainment must.  I always have a water and a snack.  It is so nice to be able to carry all this without even coming close to maxing out this backpack.”


“I work in the ER which tends to have non-traditional hours, it is nice to use a bag that has a place for everything I need on a daily bases so when I am running out the door in the middle of the night to start a shift I have everything easily accessible in this messenger bag.”


“As many parents would know, you can never leave the house without extras of EVERYTHING. Luckily I found a bag that not only carries what I need throughout the day but it’s not as bulky as a diaper bag. I am able to fit all the essentials for myself as well as my 9 month old without the bag getting to hard to handle. I prefer the Coated Canvas messenger bag because my things are easily accessible and the bag is water resistant. There are enough pockets to keep everything separated and organized and there’s room to spare.”


The Altego Channel Stitched Backpack is the perfect bag for me, a marketing professional slash workout nut.  Not only does it have a killer design with plush flannel plaid lining but it’s also the perfect size.  The slim design is great for both hauling it back and forth from home to work or while on road when I need to stuff it under the seat or in the overhead bin.  Even with the smaller footprint it has plenty of room for all my electronics, chargers, reading materials, snacks and drinks to refuel before or after a workout, a few office supplies and even has enough room for my hoodie.  Two thumbs up!”


As a young female professional I was looking for something stylish (love the Cyan color and quilting accents) and just big enough to fit the essentials.  This bag has plenty of room for my can’t-live -without Apple trifecta (MacBook, iPad and iPhone) and a few files that go back and forth to work.  It’s important to have a bag roomy enough to carry everything I need but small enough that it doesn’t weigh me down as I juggle it along with my purse on the long walk from the parking lot to my desk.”


Do you have an Altego bag?  Well we want to know what’s in your bag!  Join us on Facebook and upload your pictures.